Sharpener for corns Polaris PSR 1016R

A small overview of the pedicure kit to remove calluses Polaris PSR 1016R. Or sharpener for corns.
Just write — bought for 652 R. was discount. At full price, now not everyone dare to buy.
My beautiful half again bought a gizmo is selected and purchased. I took a bit and studied and tried. Men, too, are calluses and rough skin on the feet.
Because the thing you just bought – just first impressions and tests. Long time operation yet… Very good if someone uses it and to share their experiences.
Was ordered on aliexpress with free home delivery by courier from Moscow warehouse.It is very convenient.
Equipment — the device itself, replacement removable top part with sandpaper ( one already installed from the device), brush, charger.
Everything is in the formed cells in the network, which is convenient.Sharpener runs on battery and plugged in — and so and so checked. Batteries according to the instructions it can work 40 mins — sharpened themselves corn for about twenty minutes( then got bored)- subsidence, rotation, visible not noticed. Diacheck certainly not super strong – with a strong desire and with the power to stop the rotation of the drum with sandpaper.
The average size of the shaver is comfortable to grip and convenient to use – case specific form. Skin fairly large grain, rough skin and calluses takes good. The drive through the gears of plastic( to disassemble until it was bought).The gear is slightly lubricated with grease. There is led backlighting shines weakly not understand why he is.
Still — charging time it is necessary to take into account — written more than 10 hours – can be seen control of charge no. When you activate the charge just the red led is lit.
First impression was positive – my wife liked( this is important), and I use this sometimes.
Manual in Russian language.
The result: the thing is good, the price is( at a discounted price), works fine. There is a negative — charging time you need to keep track yourself.
You can see photos
Box with cells in which to lay all the parts.

Appearance and comparison with a razor.

Removable top part with the drum with a cloth and gear-drive.

Connector and what is written on the casing of the device and the charger.

And the cat still — sharpener he was not interested.