Sberbank and the authorities of Sakhalin will create a structure for the supply of fish in regions

Supply with nets caught fish at OJSC Yuzhno-Sakhalin fishery”

The government of the Sakhalin region and Sberbank will create a structure to manage the project “Fish of Russia” in which frameworks it is planned to establish a supply of fish from the Far East to other regions of Russia. About this “Vedomosti” said zampredsedatelya of the government of Sakhalin Igor Bystrov.

According to officials, the project want to raise at least 50 billion rubles from private investors, financial institutions and retail chains. At the moment there are negotiations with investors from Japan.

The project assumes that the authorities of Sakhalin will support investors subsidies, and Sberbank, in turn, will provide them with financial services, including in the field of leasing and factoring. In addition, the Korsakov port got the status of a free that provides the ability to receive customs privileges.

The representative of Sberbank confirmed that the Bank is a partner of Sakhalin “Fish of Russia”. The source added that the sources of financing of the project will be as the budget of the region and debt financing.

The complex should combine capacities for acceptance and processing of fish and seafood in the Korsakov port and logistics centers for the delivery of fish products across the country — they have yet to create.As specify “sheets”, it is part of the agreement between Sberbank of Russia and Sakhalin from 2015.

The agreement began to be fulfilled in September last year, when in pilot mode earned fish exchange. It is an auction where fishing businesses can sell products to customers, bypassing intermediaries. According to Bystrov, Sakhalin buyers this allows you to save 25-27%. In other regions due to transport costs, this number is not so great.

The number of investors, with whom negotiations are underway, Bystrov called “Kuril fisherman and Maritime fishing company. To their review failed.