Intel announced a review of smart Peak hours Basic

Intel announced a recall of smart watches Basic Peak as it failed to solve the problem with them overheating, according to The Wall Street Journal, citing a company statement. Her representative promised to compensate customers the purchase price, including sales tax and delivery.

Watch Basic Peak was developed by a startup Basis Science, acquired by Intel in March 2014. The amount of the transaction, according to informed sources the WSJ has exceeded $100 million. the Device went on sale in November 2014. In June of this year, Intel stopped supplying to discover the overheating problem.

The company recommended that users cease to use the watch while waiting for the update of their software. But on Wednesday, Intel acknowledged that the update has not solved the overheating problem.

Basic Peak users complained that the watch is heated to such an extent that they cause burns on the skin. According to the company, the fault has affected approximately 0.2% of all the sold hours.

An Intel representative said he could not estimate the number of products sold, and whether to develop any product. According to analyst Daniel Matt from Canalys, which deals with wearable devices, the share of the Basic Peak in the market of smart hours never exceeded 1%. According to Intel, the watch sold at a price range of $139 to 299.