The court satisfied the claim of the founder of the Fund “Federation” to the producer Prigogine

Producer Joseph Prigogine

Savelovsky court of Moscow has satisfied the claim of the founder of the Fund “Federation” Vladimir Kiselyov K, OOO Inews” and producer Joseph Prigogine on protection of honor and dignity, reports TASS.

The plaintiff demanded to refute the discrediting information, and decided to post on the website rebuttal within ten days after adjudication. The claim was satisfied in full.

The reason for the claim were the statements Prigogine to address Kiseleva, which he made in the radio station RSN on 18 September 2015. In particular, Prigogine said that Kiselev did unethical things”, “got the budget, threw in their groups” and “mastered the budget, painted on their teams, and we do not offer”. These phrases were made in the context of the organization Kiselev activities in support of the referendum in the Crimea.

In court, the representative Prigogine stated that he sees no reason for the claim in the statements of the principal. “If he had declared the cut of the budget, it would be discrediting the information he is accused of embezzlement. Nobody says that he stole the budget,” — said the representative of Prigogine in court.

The representative of LLC “Inews”, which functions as the editor of the portal noted the lack of evidence of information dissemination in the station. And the fact that the study, experts were provided with the text, not the radio station.

Kiselev was the initiator of the Patriotic holding on the basis of the Russian military, however, this idea met criticism from a number of artists and producers, including Prigogine.