The FBI has admitted to spying for China

The FBI kun Shan Chan on the court confessed that he passed secret information to the Chinese authorities and pleaded guilty, reports Reuters.

According to Chan, he was engaged in espionage from 2011 to 2016. The information he provided to the foreign state, included travel plans, FBI agents, as well as photographs of secret documents.

“At the time I knew it was wrong, I apologize for my actions,” said Chan on the court.

Chan was remanded in custody in March this year, after he was charged on several counts. In particular, he was accused of withholding information on its contacts with the Chinese technology company associated with the Chinese government. In one interview with a secret FBI agent, which was recorded on tape, Chan said that his Chinese comrades from time to time I paid for his accommodation and the services of prostitutes when he was in China.

46-year-old kun Shan Chan, also known as Joey Chan was born in China and is a naturalized U.S. citizen. He worked at the Federal Bureau of investigation since 1997.