The explosion in Southeast Turkey killed six policemen

In the province of bingöl in South-East Turkey, an explosion occurred, which killed six policemen, and another four were injured, reports Reuters with reference to sources in security service.

According to them, the explosion of responsible members of the Kurdistan workers party (PKK). They remotely blew mounted on the road car, when passing by the police. Two of the four injured officers are in serious condition, said the news Agency.

On 30 July, the Turkish armed forces announced that the Kurds from the PKK tried to storm a military base in Hakkari province. Then, the Turkish military reported the destruction of 35 attackers. The day before, the Kurds also made the attack in Hakkari, which killed eight soldiers, another 25 were wounded.

Armed units of the PKK are based in the South-East of Turkey, where fighting against Turkish authorities and demand autonomy. In 2013, the leader of the PKK Abdullah Ocalan, who is serving a life sentence, urged his supporters to cease hostilities and enter into negotiations with the authorities. However, the truce did not last long — in the summer of 2015 clashes resumed. In Turkey, the PKK recognized as a terrorist organization.