In the Russian team explained the incident with your pilot in Poland

The pilot of a Russian light aircraft that were intercepted over Poland, was not aware of the temporarily closed no-fly zone. This was stated by TASS Elena Klimovich, the representative of the Russian team, which arrived in Poland in the world championship of aerobatic flying.

“The pilot ferried the aircraft from the Czech Republic, where the training took place in Poland to participate in competitions. He was flying over the area, which does not require communication with the land managers. At the airport of departure he was not aware of the temporarily closed area and accidentally hit her. This happened this whole situation,” she said.

According to her, the Polish F-16 accompanied him to the airport of destination, after which the police made inquiry, inspection of aircraft and instruments. Then the pilot was released, now he trains and prepares for competitions, said Klimovich.

She also noted that the Russian command had no information about the possibility of making the pilot of any charges. “While he was only notified about the violation of the no-fly zone,” she said.

In Poland in the period from 24 July to 1 August, there were restrictions to flying small aircraft because of the world day of Catholic youth, with the participation of the Pope.

On July 29, two F-16 fighter of the Polish air force intercepted a Russian light aircraft that crossed the border and flew in the direction of Krakow. The pilot, who needs to participate in the championship in aerobatics, forced to change course and land the plane on the airfield in the city of Radom, South of Warsaw.