Hedonism in Russian: three businessman, who invented a new recreation area

Last spring the Russians were preparing for the crisis to save on emotions and new experiences: 37% talked about plans to cut spending on entertainment. This category of expenditure was the main item planned economy, slightly ahead of the journey. Food material to the Russians was much more important to reduce the cost of food was calculated only 15%. In fact the food was for consumers a much more significant source of savings: it can save 43%. And travel and entertainment cut spending only one in five. Even at restaurants, the cuts were much lower than expected: only 8% against “promised” 21% (all data “ROMIR”, all-Russian poll of 1,500 people conducted in March 2015 and 2016).

Time entertainment for Russian consumers is important, no matter what — then there are those who are able to earn some money.

RBC chose three characters who invented a new way to spend time and money for the middle class. Businessman Dmitry Anisimov has not found a caterer for the Christmas party — and organized it himself. From this was born his new business party, where you learn to draw with a glass of wine. Producer Fedor Elyutin saw on the foreign theatrical festival of avant-garde the play and decided to bring her to Moscow thus was born the Remote Moscow, and now a second theatrical project of the businessman — “Your game”. Finally, Valery balikoev with a partner built the largest indoor rifle range in the world — “for the love of the sport”, but still with the hope to earn. Investments have not paid off, but the project is already profitable.


Talent will not spend on drink

Eight o’clock, Red Café on Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya street in Moscow. About 20 young people, mostly girls, in bright aprons paint on easels painting, entitled “Autumn. Good.” Painting is simple to perform: a tree with falling leaves on the background of the mirror of the marked streaks of yellow, pink and purple flowers. Someone is right, someone needed the Council is a leading, professional artist. Many participants recognised the leading that is not painted since high school. End the event by taking pictures and dancing with the paintings — it is necessary that the paint has dried. Visitors — typical office workers, who gathered to have fun.

<p>&ldquo;we the people shout, dance the competitions, we do not&nbsp;about&nbsp;how&nbsp;&ldquo;to teach people how to draw&rdquo;, we&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp;&nbsp;emotions&quot; of the&nbsp;&mdash; said Dmitry Anisimov on&nbsp;the project Painty</p>


Photo: Vladislav Shatilo/RBC


“We have people shouting, dancing, there are contests, we’re not about how “to teach people how to draw”, we — about emotions,” — says Dmitry Anisimov on the project Painty

Learning the art of the St. Petersburg businessman Dmitry Anisimov turned into a fashion show for one night. Art events in Moscow and St. Petersburg, brought him in June 2016, about 3 million rubles of profit.

A graduate of the faculty of information and control systems Baltic University Dmitry Anisimov worked in Alfa-Bank and Biglion, was the exclusive distributor of the company Blunt umbrellas. And in recent years tried to develop service cleaning of apartments GetTidy — an online aggregator of cleaning services, but success has not achieved — the business was on the verge of profitability. Before new 2015 year Dmitry has decided to conduct for their employees custom corporate: “We decided that each would write a picture”. But to find the suitable paints, easels and leading Anisimov then couldn’t.

Office GetTidy is Kokon Space, a creative cluster where often held different master classes, sometimes people draw with teachers. Anisimov has decided that the art of the party, if properly arranged, could be claimed.

Preparation and launch of the project took six months and 1 million rubles, earned on the sale of umbrellas. “I bought samples of all acrylic paints that are sold in Russia, struck her on the furniture, on the floor, on clothing, wash — says Anisimov. — I understand that we will work in restaurants and bars, so the paint needs to be washed”. In the end, paint with the desired properties is found only in the United States, where he ordered it so far. Foldable table easels, fabric for aprons, and cover tables, canvases on wooden stretchers are buying in China.

The businessman decided that his party is not the master-classes, therefore, as the leading needed not just English-speaking artists and animators art education. Their Anisimov was looking for in social networks. After 50 interviews chose two artists leading. Dmitry came up and I wrote them a detailed scenario script: what to say when to joke. Helped experience of writing such scripts to the cleaners.

First party Painty took place on 7 Aug 2015, Kokon Space. She was free — invited 30 friends, colleagues, bloggers, opinion leaders. Second, already paid, was held in a bar Monopol next door. “Organizers held we have two parties, we liked its new and enticing format. Guests at the event — an interesting, young, beautiful, solvent, interested in the wine culture of the people — in General, our audience. Can’t say that the orders were numerous in the range of 10 thousand rubles., but all this happened not in Prime-time,” says Philip Sotnick, Director of public relations Ladoga distribution” (operates a network of market-bars and restaurants “Monopole”). The business model Painty simple: the café provides a room and a drink, and Painty — on tickets (2 thousand rbl. — in Saint Petersburg, 2.5 thousand rubles in Moscow, the price includes all paint and the finished picture).

100 party held Painty in 2015, in 2016 it has been over 160 activities

3 million rubles amounted to the revenue of the project in June 2016

40 thousand rubles per month — the salary of the lead, a total of six people

500 thousand RUB , the company spends each month on supplies (paint, brushes, canvases) by approximately 1500 people

“When you draw, one hand free, you can order a glass of something, drinks allow you to open up man in the creative plan, it’s relaxing, liberating. We have a party, people having fun, and drinks is an attribute of a party,” says Anisimov. Soon he was able to arrange parties with institutions Ginza Project, a restaurant, “Gravity” etc.

First, the demand was low, but it’s December — time corporate events. Painty held them for Sberbank employees, companies EY, Vileda and Active Group Realty. Sales were doing the Dmitry — called company. “All staff were happy like children, and I still picture that picture I drew hanging in the office,” says CEO of Active Group Realty Yakov Volkov. Today, such activities bring 20-30% of the company’s turnover: in addition to corporate customers and private there are that celebrate, for example birthdays.

In March 2016 to Anisimov asked the representatives of the “Gallery” is a large shopping complex in the centre of Saint-Petersburg. They came up with a marketing promotion: any visitor to the “Gallery” can buy in the store for 5 thousand rubles. and get a free ticket to the art party. “We saw tens of thousands of people, it was an interesting experience,” recalls Dmitri.

“Already seven years in various clubs, cafes and antikafe parties in the format of “your hands”. The owners and promoters are constantly inventing ways to interest the inhabitants of megacities. For example, in Moscow took place the project “we Read poetry and eat”, “Knitting over a Cup of coffee”, “Clay, ceramic, salad”, “Common soup”, “Cocktails and eloquence” and a lot of these. Someone manages to gain a foothold in the market, someone out, — says the owner of event-holding “Knyazev” Sergey Knyazev. Promising is the project Painty? It all depends on the personality of the artist. If he is charismatic, knows how to communicate with your audience and to organize the process is fascinating, people will go and draw. If it is boring, very quickly people get bored.” Regular customers have no Painty recognized Anisimov, you have to look for new members.

Now our database have more than 100 Painty paintings. Clients startups prefer modern landscapes and images of animals. The names of the paintings Anisimov invents himself: “the First painting I called “Winter. Good.” No one understands why she called, but I had the idea that you’re drunk and you: “Fall! Well…”

Theatre for one

“No amount of talk about the slice of lemon, to understand how sour it is, can only bite. My projects are the same — you must try it,” says Fedor Elyutin, founder of theatre projects Remote Moscow and “Your game”. Both are based on the mystery — the viewer becomes the main actor, but never knows what role he will have to play. The first season of Remote Moscow has already earned him 24 million rubles of profit, and started in late June, “Your game” promises to bail out of 7.5 million rubles in two months of work in the capital.

<p>gives the viewer the main role plays the producer Fyodor elyutina Remote Moscow and&nbsp;&ldquo;Your game&quot; expanding the boundaries of classical theatre</p>


Photo: Alain Kondyurin for RBC


Gives the viewer the main role plays the producer Fyodor elyutina Remote Moscow and “Your game” expands the boundaries of classical theatre

Remote Moscow — a performance-a trip to Moscow for a group of 50 people. The action starts on Miusskaya cemetery, and ends on the roof of the Department store. Walk around the city turns into a theatrical production, the script is sound in the headphones of each participant. All players hear the same commands — for example, in the subway they have to design a ballet dance, and on the basketball court to score the ball into the ring. What is happening on the streets of the city becomes the scenery of the play, and passers-by unwittingly become actors of the second plan.

Remote from Germany — format invented and implemented by the Directors of the German documentary theatre of Rimini Protokoll, Stefan Kaegi, Helgard Haug and Daniel Wetzel. In Moscow, the project has brought Fedor Elyutin, graduate of the Academy and the School of theatre leader at the Center of them. Sun. Meyerhold. In 2009 Elyutin was produced by hip-hop Opera “Cops on fire”. The Remote idea he had spied on one of the festivals in Avignon. The sponsors have agreed to sell Lutino a license to work in Moscow and help with adaptation Remote to the Russian capital. By the time the Remote has already started in 17 cities of Europe and Saint-Petersburg (also under license). In Petersburg the idea of a Remote in the summer of 2014 brought the artistic Director of the Bolshoi drama theater. G. A. Tovstonogov Andrew Mighty. Having been, as Elyutin, at the festival in Avignon, he decided to put the show-a journey in Russia. According to the head of the Remote in Petersburg Daniel Pictureso, the project is already the third season is very popular and will work in the Northern capital until, until the term of the license — that is, until 2018.

The budget of the Moscow Remote start was $100 thousand, most of which went to pay for the license fees and flight of the German team. Money to start Elyutin received in grants from the Swiss Council for culture “Pro Helvetia, the Goethe Institute and the Department of culture of Moscow (in the framework of the project “Open stage”). The first two funds supported the project as an opportunity to promote national culture in Russia: Remote originally from Germany, and one of the founders of Rimini Protokoll, Stefan Kegs — Swiss.

The first tour of the Remote Moscow took place on 30 may 2015. Participants were aged friends, mostly actors and cultural figures, only 50 people. According to elyutina, advertising the project was not required. “People liked it, they talked about the project to friends, shared photos on Instagram — we anyone about anything not asked, wave raised itself and still provides all the groups at each session,” says Elyutin. Word of mouth for the Remote is still the main channel of promotion. “During such performances a person experiences a catharsis — and this is the main task of the theater. This experience he shares with loved ones who are in a hurry to go through the same thing,” explains the wave of popularity of the project, lecturer at Moscow state pedagogical University and an expert in the field of new theatrical forms Irina mursak. Paid advertising, the organizers are placed only in social networks: this is where the lives of their target audience is basically intelligent young people and young families with children. According to estimates by the art Director of the show-space “Leningrad Centre” Felix Mikhailov, the project can count on the audience of at least 1 million people. “In addition to local residents tourists, so the organizers should think about translations. Especially the Chinese”, says Mikhailov.

Now guided tours are conducted every day except Mondays — six sessions in English and Russian languages in a day. The ticket is from 1 to 1.6 thousand RUB in addition to private sessions Elyutin conducts corporate outings (last year organized about 20 such performances), the cost of which comes to 200 thousand RUB “Corporate entertainment and team-building is a huge niche for which we hope. People have attended sports together, went to theatre, went to a BBQ — they need something fresh,” — said the representative of the Remote Moscow Evgenia Petrovskaya. Among the corporate clients Remote — Sberbank, Central Department store and “Mikhailov and Partners”. According to the calculations of RBC, 2015 Remote Moscow rescued 24 million rubles.

For the year of Elyutin got partners. So, this summer, visitors to Remote Moscow will walk around the city with headphones from Sony, and the instrument will move in a Lexus. With them Remote working a non-financial partnership — puts information about the sponsors on the website and pages in social networks. In the project about 15 people — producers, managers and guides. Most of the costs are salary Fund, rent small (20 sq m) office on the China-town and advertising in social networks.

The Moscow version of the Remote has become the most popular in the history of the project for the 2015 season, played 200 performances in the summer of 2016 will be 400 more theatrical excursions. The show’s plot is always the same, and become part of the Remote, you can, in fact, only once. Therefore, the age of the project brief, according to mursak. “Remote, you can compare with the famous piece “4’33” (a composition by the American composer John cage, which consists of 4 minutes 33 seconds of silence. — RBC), which created a furor among the audience. But no sane person would relive her several times,” says mursak. The organizers do not deny the finitude of the project. So next year Elyutin plans to play a final season Remote and switch to the new theatrical projects.

At the end of June Elyutin launched a new theatrical project called “Your game”. This time mysteries the one party of the performance comes into a dark room and becomes the sole spectator and the protagonist of the play. Unlike the Remote in the “Your game” involves professional actors who sign a confidentiality clause, what happens in the “secret room”. Behind the red curtain “Your game” is hiding a kind of labyrinth in which, without interfering with each other, there can be several participants. Thus, per hour, the scenes are 5-6 persons (each session lasts 30 minutes). Price of participation — 1.5 thousand.

The new project also operates under a license. For the first time with a performance for one person Game of You Elyutin collided at the Edinburgh festival. “When I came out of the hall, was so impressed that I decided to bring this thing to Moscow”, — says Elyutin. After a year of correspondence with the authors of the idea of the Belgian Ontroerend Goed team he agreed to buy the rights. At the start, the entrepreneur spent about $100 million of its own funds, received from the operation Remote Moscow.

Ᵽ24 million — revenue Remote Moscow in 2015

Ᵽ45 million plans to bail out the project for 2016

Ᵽ5 million invested in the start-up of Remote Moscow

Ᵽ7 million made initial investments in the project “Your game”

50 people — the number of tour group Remote

Ᵽ1,1-1,6 thousand — the cost of the session Remote Moscow

Ᵽ1,5 thousand — the price of a half-hour presentation of “Your game”

“Your Game” located on the fourth floor of the Tsvetnoy Department store and is open every day except Monday. According to elyutina, “Color” provides for free in exchange for information support. Number of tickets for “Your game” limited — Elyutin plans to spend 5 thousand performances in Moscow and begin a tour of the country. While plans to bring the show to St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar and Rostov-on-don. Actors to play the play selected themselves the Belgians, the authors of Game of You”, so the troupe for the tour is likely to remain unchanged.

The first session of Your game” took place in “Color” on June 25. Most of those who buy a ticket for the new show are already familiar with the Remote, I assume the founders. “We initially focused on the audience it has already attracted many Remote participants wanted to continue and asked us “what’s next?” — says Evgenia Petrovskaya. To advertise both project organizers plan to continue only in social networks.

The genre of promenade theatre, where during the performance the audience is moved against the action, not news to Russia. “Among domestic productions in this format the most striking examples is “hamlet,” which the Rostov youth theatre plays for nearly 20 years, and Normans” at the Meyerhold Center, a synthesis of musical, quest and computer games,” says project Manager ArtNauka Nikolai Novoselov. Remote already known embodies the concept of a promenade performance by moving it to the streets of the city, but “Your game” can claim the role of new words in the modern theatre, says Felix Mikhailov of the “Leningrad Center.” “Your game” brings the opposition to the spectator-actor to its logical ending — a man plays with himself. This, of course, for the current generation of something completely new,” he says.

Gives the viewer the main role in the play, the projects brought by Aluminum, expand the boundaries of classical theatre, I agree Irina mursak. “Remote and the “Your game” is the formal signs of theatre — the script, the action is staged, in the “Your game” there is even a curtain, behind which the action occurs. They can be safely attributed to the followers of the tradition of postmodern theatre,” says she. The main obstacle to make this kind of art is popular — the unwillingness of the General public to experiment, believes mursak: “Both projects are based on self-knowledge — through communication with the city or yourself on the stage. We somehow decided not to have self-knowledge”.

In the aged plans to continue to seek such “theatre of the black pearl at world festivals and duplicate them in Russia. “Now I am in search of a good Samaritan who is ready to Finance the development of new forms of art”, — says Fedor.

The wild West in the suburbs

In practical shooting is a classification exercise, El Presidente: the shooter stands with his back to three targets at a distance of 10 m, the signal turns, snatches the gun from a holster and striking each target with two shots. After that, reloading and again sends to each of the targets in the two bullets. Experienced shooters, it takes less than four seconds.

<p>In a small complex Valery Balikoev serious grown men turn into&nbsp;&ldquo;nudography in childhood boys&rdquo;? who wants to&nbsp;become the heroes of the action movie</p>


Photo: Vladislav Shatilo/RBC


In small complex Valery Balikoev serious grown men turn into “nadogradi in childhood boys”? who want to become heroes Thriller

Practical shooting is a relatively new sport, having come from the US, where it is initially used for training special forces soldiers and police to use weapons in real life. “If you’re bench shooting, you stand still, calmly aim, in life so does not happen”, — says CEO of “Object” Andrei Nikolayev.

Exercises in practical shooting depict the battle indoors, outdoors, in transport. “You running around with weapons, targets appear and disappear, you squat, lie down, crawl, jump. It’s a real boyish game, only in the hands is a weapon,” continues Nicholas. “The difference with ordinary shooting between two-dimensional and three — dimensional world,” said balikoev.

In 2011, he and partner Vitaly Malinin bought land on the ring road and built the world’s largest indoor shooting complex — Object. “It was a startup that was created with the hope that this could be a profitable business, but more for the love of this sport, — says Nikolaev. — Surely you could find a more lucrative businesses that can be built on this site — the vegetable store or the dealership, but the goal was different.”

The founders had to invest in the construction of the gallery, which was designed specifically for practical shooting and demanded the development of a “mass of technological solutions” and training of trainers, which in Russia was not simple. “The complex is profitable,” he says, but to disclose the financial performance refuses. Investment in the project is not yet paid off, he admits.

Nikolaev like to tell you how adult, serious, successful Muscovites visiting the complex, immediately transformed into a “netography in the childhood of the kids.” Most customers come not just to learn to shoot, namely with the aim to entertain, he said.

12 thousand square meters — the area of the complex

3.5 thousand sq. m — small area

75 thousand visitors passed through the shooting range for five years

40 types of firearms there are in the dash

“There are films about James bond, Wild West with Clint Eastwood, is “the Transporter” with Jason Stateman, there are movies about Colombian drug lords, we all watched them and wanted to feel in the role of these heroes,” — says Nikolaev. According to him, nowhere in Russia, in addition to our club, it is impossible to shoot from the gun, which is in “Object”. In the complex Arsenal of about 40 firearms, a Swiss Sphinx, the Austrian Glock 34, Beretta Italian etc.

Clients of the complex — mainly men from 25 to 45 years, many of them businessmen, bankers, Federal Ministers and even members of the Forbes list, says Nikolaev. “Shooting can be quite expensive for the middle class and above, the hours of classes in the complex is about 5 thousand rubles. Dancing to do cheaper, but in season from September to April — we must enroll for five days, all the time from 8 in the morning until one o’clock rooms filled,” he says. In the “Object” they all take boys participate in competitions, dress up in some poncho and so on. Women-shooters until a little — about 10-15% of all visitors. “It is such a nice Lara Croft, come to us on sports bikes,” he notes.