Apple has sold a billion iPhone

Apple last week sold a billion iPhone, said Wednesday, July 27, the head of the company Tim cook at the meeting, employees in Cupertino, California. This was reported on the Apple website.

According to cook, the iPhone has become one of the most important and successful products in history that changed the world.

“Last week, we have overcome another milestone when they sold a billion iPhone. We never aimed to do as much as possible, but always tried to make the best products, which do contribute,” said cook, thanking employees for a job.

Thus, according to the quarterly report of the company, which was published on July 27, it follows that third-quarter iPhone sales fell by 15% compared to the same period last year. Only company during this period, managed to sell 40,39 million smartphones.

While Reuters noted that this figure was better than analysts ‘ forecasts, which believed that iPhone sales in the third quarter will be 40,02 million.

Day, Apple shares rose by 7.84%. Trades in the securities on the NASDAQ opened at $104,25. Analysts attributed this to the published data of the company on the reduction of iPhone sales in the third quarter.

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