Trump talked about “shocking” the word Putin to Obama

The candidate in US presidents from Republican party, Donald trump told reporters about the bad relations between the presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama. According to trump, Putin absolutely has no respect for Obama and once even used an offensive word the “n”. This attitude shocked trump said the candidate.

According to trump, Putin for the last time “said a lot of bad things.”

“Once he even mentioned the word the “n”. I was shocked when I heard that he used the word “n”. You know that the word “n”? He uttered it. I was shocked. He did not respect President Obama. First, he does not like. Secondly, he does not respect,” said trump.

“I think he will respect your President after I choose. I hope to be like him,” he added.

N-word (word n) is in the English language a euphemism for the word “Negro” and its derivatives, which refers to vocabulary taboo and considered extremely offensive.

The trump statement was made in the midst of the scandal connected with the publication of WikiLeaks several thousand letters and documents of the National Committee of the US Democratic party In the documents was discovered the conspiracy of the employees of the Committee against a former member of the presidential race from the Democrats, Bernie Sanders.

Later, The New York Times, citing employees of several companies in the field of computer security, reported about the “Russian trace” in this cyber attack. Democrats, for their part, said that tampering with the mail party was allowed “the Russians to help Donald Trump”. The trump called such allegations a “joke”.

The trump urged Russia to “find” the lost correspondence the other candidate for US President, Hillary Clinton. “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you could find 30 thousand missing letters [from the correspondence of Hillary Clinton]. I think you’ll be greatly rewarded with our press,” said trump.