Olympic nedokomplekt: what medals can conquer the Russians in Rio

After the international Olympic Committee gave the right to allow certain athletes to the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, international sports federations, the Russian team has missed a third of its members. On the evening of 27 July the President of the Russian Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov said that admission to the Games was 250 Russians. The original team consisted of 387 people.

The richest of the coin is traditionally considered athletics. In Brazil, the sport will be played 47 sets of medals out of 301. At the previous Olympic games 2012 in London, Russian athletes won a third gold medals of the national team — eight of 24. At the current games in Rio from 86 athletes goes only one jumper in length Darya Klishina.

Federation of water sports are banned from participating in the Olympics seven Russian swimmers (only in the team was 34 people). Academic rowing Federation has not made 22 of 28 Russians. As a result, instead of the five crews of the Russian team will be able to put on the Olympics in the best case, one.

Five Russian rowers was suspended by the International Federation of rowing on kayaks and a canoe. The Russian team will not be able to replace these athletes and, as a consequence, will lose four Olympic quotas. Two of the athletes lost pyatibortsy. The international Federation of sailing of the seven members of the Russian team made up of just six Games.

Given these losses, sports experts interviewed by RBC agree that the major sports, where Russia has a serious bid for medals is artistic gymnastics and synchronized swimming. In each of these sports in Rio will be played two sets of awards. “Here we are virtually guaranteed can earn medals and hopefully gold. Especially in synchronized swimming, where are people like Svetlana Romashina, who during their performances at the senior level, won all the competitions and became a three-time Olympic champion,” — said the Deputy chief editor in sports channel Match TV” Alexander Bogomolov.

The potential is there in wrestling, judo, fencing and Boxing. However, in the latter very much depends on the judging, says Bogomolov, therefore, to rely on the medals is difficult. And one of the first awards of the national team can bring the Russian hands.

In team sports the highest hopes for volleyball, given that the men’s team is the reigning Olympic champion.

“It is hard to predict. The anger and resentment of the country can occur, and there will be medals where not expected, — said the chief editor of the newspaper “Sport-Express” Dmitry Kuznetsov. But it seems to me that the Games will continue the hysteria and you will be disqualified, and against this background it is important to look decent as a country. If we take the gold in traditional sports — it will be a success.”

On July 27, the day before leaving the team for the Olympics, Russian President Vladimir Putin holds in the Kremlin meeting, which was attended by about 100 athletes — as admitted to the Game, and those who are not allowed.

“Unfortunately, to realize the dream. Short-sighted politicians are not left in peace and sport, although the sport is designed to smooth out the contradictions between the two countries”, — Putin said at the meeting. “The situation has gone beyond not only legal, but common sense,” — said the President.

According to Putin, against the Russian athletes was conducted a deliberate campaign, which included the double standards and “incompatible with common sense” principle of collective responsibility. “Actually to blow around the world sports”, — said Putin. He said that the value of medals, who will receive foreign athletes will be lower. “This victory is another flavor, you might say, bad taste”, — said Putin.