Incident Belyaninov: why one can be rich and others can not

The initiative of Alexei Navalny intercepted. All demonstrated who owns the monopoly on the fight against corruption, — the state. “Cases” Yevgeny DoD and Nikita Belykh, the investigators of the RCDS and now “business of customs” — the system of “self-cleaning” before the election and a new political cycle.

Ended the series with the external symbolic wars — Syria and Turkey, God has sent the Russian authorities a fascinating war with anti-doping and international Olympic organizations have started the new season of combating “fifth column” — the movie with Mikhail Kasyanov and Nikita White opened the action-Packed, erotic-criminal “antiwestern”.

And no sooner had the Russian man in the street to get to the fridge, to a few upset at the sight of the content, as it again got distracted by the breathtaking panoramic views the house of the head of the Federal customs service Andrei Belyaninov. Something like the now fashionable on the websites of museums virtual tour, including the vaults, anyway, the world was brought even the contents of the cabinets of the powerful customs: ties, dresses, and instead of “box of copier boxes from under the Shoe. Hard… Even Nikita Belykh just fingers glowed, and then turned inside out linen.

In addition, in the absence of bread, the audience is offered more and more varied spectacle, a natural question arises: what exactly is the issue with Belyaninov? He is a person well received in the most serious offices and close, as they say, to the very top of the political pyramid. He did exactly the same thing was done inside the system “power = property” and all other new Okolchitsa the oligarchs, who combined public service and rentabilitate hipervinculo from his position. Isn’t that how people live and work, by his position even above the head of customs, key players of the system, arisen in the beginning of zero and included in the Zenith by the deadline of Vladimir Putin? Did not become the “new normality” of their palaces in a variety of Barvikha and 800-meter apartments for officers of less rank? Doesn’t everybody got used to the fact that in the framework of gosudarstvennogo business and commercializing state children of these people will inherit the bread of the chairs and positions, and therefore wealth?

On this stood and stands the system of oligarchic autocracy and commercializing “scoop”. Then why can one and the other, for example the same Belyaninovo not?

Because of this public didactics eversion of cabinets is not only that a lot of workers and the masses toadstools evidence of the fight against corruption and the integrity of our security forces-rescuers, but that sends a signal to even the most protected members of the elite, the representatives of the near and far circles: no one can feel safe. Everyone at any moment can be a victim of this series “self-cleaning”. And the grounds for the arrival of the investigators. It will be necessary — then other investigators will come to these investigators. This has already happened in our history, and not just once.

The process of shaking up the elite is also interesting the fact that people are tied with this political regime didn’t even get to run for the border: due to the isolation of the Russian elite after the annexation of Crimea and its representatives, there is no one, to put it politely, not waiting. And the worst thing is to fall under the steamroller of the investigation, and even a portrait of the President in the home office is not a universal talisman.

Of course, the elite have always been at odds with each other, but these battles proceeded either within the traditional framework of “security forces against the liberals” (or even “technocrats”), or in the genre of “lovely curse — just gratifying: it was built in Barvikha, Igor Sechin, then the wife of Sergey Chemezov was put up for sale the adjacent mansion. But the “business customs” already a serious bid for inter-elite war of a different quality, because the political level of the defendants is extremely high, and applied methods of shaming public consumption is not vegetarian.

The only obvious beneficiary of this incipient rotation of elites (“history is a cemetery of aristocracies” said Vilfredo Pareto) — the personalistic regime and the person that it represents. President — chief fighter against corruption, with the help of this struggle, holding in fear and submission all elite groups combined. Eliminating the expression of them, even the deaf discontent and the search for soil for the consolidated elite conspiracy.

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