The Ministry of transport of Turkey has sent additional challenges of aviation security

The Ministry of transport of Russia sent Turkey additional tasks to ensure aviation security, told reporters the head of Department Maxim Sokolov, reports “RIA Novosti”.

He said that the answers to the questions Moscow can get on Tuesday during the visit of the Turkish delegation in Moscow, which will be held July 26-27. Sokolov noted that the Russian and Turkish experts in the field of aviation security already held talks regarding the resumption of Charter flights between the two countries.

“Perhaps this response on Tuesday they will bring. Waiting for an answer, and as soon as this answer is, then the government, perhaps after additional analysis can take the appropriate decision,” — said Sokolov.

On the eve of the Ministry of transport submitted to the government proposals to open Charter flights. He said that now “is a comprehensive study of this issue,” but added that it is “premature” to talk about the timing of the resumption of flights.

Charter flights to Turkey were cancelled after November 2015, the Turkish military shot down a Russian su-24, which carried out a mission in Syria. After the military coup in Turkey, which took place on the night of 16 June, were cancelled and regular flights. However, this ban was lifted on July 22.