The head of the National Committee Democrats United States announced the resignation

The head of the National Committee of the Democrats (DNC), the U.S. Debbie Wasserman Schultz will resign after the scandal with the publication of the letters of the Committee, which could harm the election campaign of the former candidate in US presidents Bernie Sanders, according to CNBC.

Schultz intends to leave his post after the election Congress of the party on July 25.

Decision Schultz resignation may be due to the fact that on 22 July, WikiLeaks published several thousand letters and documents of the DNC, which are linked to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. In the documents of the DNC discovered the conspiracy of the employees of the Committee against Sanders.

The website said that the data breach occurred due to seven key figures in the DNC: Director of communications, Luis Miranda, Finance Director Jordan Kaplan, financial chief of staff, Scott Komer, chief financial officer for strategic initiatives Danielle Parrish, CFO Allen Zachary, a senior adviser Andrew Wright and Finance Director, Northern California Robert Stowe.

Published documents and correspondence dated from January 2015 to 25 may 2016.