For the controlling stake of “Bashneft” has a new contender

Antipinsky oil refinery is interested to participate in the privatization of “Bashneft” and has filed an application, told RBC representative of Antipinsky oil refinery. From the details she refused.

The government plans this year to sell of 50.08% of “Bashneft”, on Monday, July 25, the package on the Moscow exchange was worth 234,6 billion.

Until Monday evening “VTB Capital”, appointed government agent for the transaction, collecting applications from potential candidates. In mid-July, the Bank sent an offer to purchase “Bashneft” in 35 companies and funds, as well as 25 major Russian businessmen in the list were Antipinsky oil refinery. But then, his spokesman declined to comment on the interest in the asset.

Antipinsky oil refinery is the largest independent oil refinery, located in the industrial area of Tyumen (in 2015, has processed more than 8.1 million tons of oil). Its main owner is businessman Dmitry Mazurov, who owns 80%. The remaining 20% — classmate of President Vladimir Putin and a well-known lawyer Nikolai Yegorov. Have Mazurova there is another influential partner – a friend of the mayor of Moscow Vladimir Kalashnikov. He serves on the Board of Directors of Antipinsky oil refinery and has an option on 25% of the company, told RBC himself Mazur.

Structures Mazurova in addition to Antipinsky oil refinery belongs to the Mari oil refinery in the Republic of Mari El, which they acquired from VTB (the Bank, in turn, he went for debt) in 2015. The processing capacity of this plant is 1.6 million tons And Bashneft’s three refineries in Bashkortostan with a total capacity of 23.2 million tonnes, According to its own data company, it provides more than 12% of the supply of gasoline and 6% diesel fuel on the Russian fuel market.

On the mailing list of “VTB Capital” was and LUKOIL and Independent oil and gas company owned by the former President of “Rosneft” Eduard Khudainatov previously announced interest in buying competitor. On Monday, the representative of LUKOIL told RBC that the company responded to the offer of the Bank, but details were not specified. The representative of the NOC did not respond to a request RBC. According to “Interfax” both companies have now confirmed their interest to participate in privatization.

The offer to participate in the privatization of “Bashneft” was sent and “Rosneft”. But this angered Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, who oversees the fuel and energy complex, told RBC sources. Later, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov confirmed that the authorities have the understanding that a public company may not participate in the privatization of “Bashneft”. But on Monday, the representative of “Rosneft” Mikhail Leontyev did not specify, gave the company an application for participation in privatization.

The representative of “VTB Capital said that the Bank does not comment on “negotiations” with potential participants.

The representative of the Ministry explained to “Interfax” that the investment consultant now collects non-binding offers-bids from potential buyers. And “VTB Capital” jointly with the Ministry of economic development and Federal property management Agency will conduct market research for development of preliminary recommendations regarding the structure of the transaction. The results of the review and corresponding analysis will be presented in a special report. On its basis the government will approve the approach to performing the transaction.