Why Moscow is drowning: as in the reconstruction of streets clogged drains

After the rain on the Mokhovaya street in Moscow, 22 July 2016

The perfect storm

The city authorities claim that the cause of the flooding on July 22 were abnormal rains. “This month, five days passed with short but intense rains. During the rains, which lasted about an hour, fell 30-40% of the monthly norm of precipitation,” said the website mos.ru Alexei Lyakhov, head of meteorological research of the state motor roads (subject to the Department of housing and public works of the government of Moscow). However, the Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand did not see in past rains no anomalies. “No need to treat this as something unusual. Well, Yes, summer, rain, storms — this is a normal situation. In July, the largest amount of precipitation falls, for many Muscovites this discovery. July is the wet month of the year,” — said Vilfand in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking”. According to the hydrometeorological, climatic rainfall for July in Moscow — about 94 mm. on the last Friday in different parts of the city fell from 18 to 38 mm of precipitation.

“I guess with storm drainage to do something still need. We know that some places, such as near Ostozhenka, not just portablepalace. But this time, flooded and Manezhku, and Bronne — I honestly don’t remember — explained RBC Grigory Revzin, partner at KB Strelka, dealing with the methodological support of the program “My street”. — We look at what could spoil the stormwater drainage in the course of implementation of the program “My street”. Haven’t found anything yet, but there is one of the expert opinions that the water along the reconstructed streets drains faster and the traffic jam can be formed stronger than before.”

Deputy head of technical Department of GUP mosvodostok Alexander Zakharov told RBC that the cause of flooding not only higher precipitation, but also construction debris. “But it is worth noting that most of the flooded areas, which is now under construction [on the program “My street”], — said Zakharov. During heavy rains, wells, drains instantly clogged remnants tiles, construction packing and sand. Problem areas were constantly on duty brigade who were engaged in clearing the wells, but the debris was very much.”

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The rains that took place in Moscow in the last days of July, can be considered abnormal, said head of meteorological research of the state motor roads Alexei Lyakhov…

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Expenditures for sanitation

“To redo all storm sewers is a job comparable to the construction of the subway in an open way. It is very expensive — five times more expensive than the entire project “My street”. It is understandable why this perspective is not inspired by our customers and city authorities. Now outraged that the streets flooded and so were outraged that the money is not clear where” — says Grigory Revzin. The work of KB “Strelka” in the framework of the program “My street”, he said, would not affect the storm drain system.

Earlier, Pyotr Biryukov, Deputy mayor of Moscow in charge of municipal services, said that the current system copes with the volume of precipitation. And for the construction of more efficient drainage, he said, will require “device pumping stations in the Central part of the city to build is almost impossible because it requires the demolition of historic buildings.”

In fact, the city authorities actively Fund work on the maintenance and repair of stormwater. According to the draft budget for the years 2016-2018, during this period, the drainage of wastewater will spend about 6.1 billion rubles a year.

During Friday’s downpour was the most severely flooded area of the Patriarchal ponds and Malaya Bronnaya. Comprehensive improvement Malaya Bronnaya value of more than 123 million rubles under the program “My street” was held last year. A design improvement was treated Baltstroykomplekt” may be close to the son of the public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation Igor Chaika. The tender for construction was won by the company “Orion”, formerly owned by the former head of justices of areas Kuntsevo and Fili-Davydkovo Sergei Timoshin (details about the contractor for the improvement of Moscow streets read rbc.ru/investigation/society/08.26.2015/55d35c039a794779b863d9c0).

Flooding at Patriarshiye ponds

RBC found that on Malaya Bronnaya, while working on the program “My street” in 2015 was carried out and overhaul of stormwater. Work was just on the site from Ermolaevsky lane to the intersection with Bolshaya Bronnaya, which was flooded last Friday. According to the technical task, has been fixed damage, diagnosed three storm sewer pipelines with a total length of 414 m, repair and cleaning of 15 drainage wells, and cleaning of piping length is more than 1,29 km value of 18.6 million rubles. was conducted by “Tekhlajjn, which was the only bidder. “Work performed in full, no comments” — written on the procurement website.

“Tekhlajjn, a longtime contractor “Mosvodostok”. In 2015, the company won ten tenders “Mosvodostok” for the execution of works on construction and repair of rainwater drainage for a total amount of 37.9 million rubles, and in 2016 won six of similar tenders in the amount of 46.5 million rubles. According to “SPARK-Interfax” owners “Techline are Dmitry basin, Kasilof Maxim, Vadim Maltsev and Alexander Zhuravlev. To contact “Techline” failed.

Reconstruction of storm sewers in 2015 was held, and near other places of major flooding near the intersection of Bolshaya Nikitskaya and Mokhovaya. According to the website of public procurement, work worth 1.9 million rubles. was conducted by the company “SK Inzhseti”. In 2015, the company has won 15 tenders GUP “mosvodostok” more than $ 239 million rubles. According to “SPARK-Interfax” the General Director and the sole owner of SK of Enisei is Andrey Ivanov. The company specified in the registration data is temporarily not in service. In a room that is listed as a legal address, OOO SK of Enisei”, according to the NRF, 671 registered company.

“To say that the gutter system must be fully rebuilt, properly. In Moscow more than 8 thousand km of pipelines of storm sewers. There are some problems with incorrect calculation of the load. For example, in the Khokhlovskoye the alley at the time, put the pipe of smaller diameter than necessary. But basically, on most streets there are no such problems. During the flooding of the duty crews cleaned from system debris,” — says Zakharov from “Mosvodostok”.