Traps at every turn: what danger to the Russian team in the decision the IOC

A positive decision

The international Olympic Committee decided to disqualify the Russian national team. However, in a statement, Committee head Thomas Bach said that the list of Russian athletes participating in the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, will create an international sports Federation.

“For all the political difficulties the IOC has taken important and good decision for us, — said Vice-President of the Russian volleyball Federation Gennady Shipulin. — We support the European volleyball Confederation and the international. I think that their official decisions will also be positive”. According to Shipulin, athletes preparing to compete in the regular mode.

That Russian team going to the Olympics in full force, and RBC also confirmed the President of Federation of tennis of Russia Shamil Tarpischev and the President of the Russian Federation for diving Alexey Vlasenko, citing operational negotiations with the international federations on sports.

First Vice-President of the Russian fencing Federation Stanislav Pozdnyakov refers to negative results of the anti-doping test during the recent European championship, which was held in late June in Poland. The inspection was conducted by accredited laboratory of Cologne. “You have to remember that fencing is a sport that is far from doping. The number of required doping tests by WADA gradually decreases. We are calm and confident,” says Pozdnyakov.

Optimistic the President of the Russian water Polo Federation Evgeny Sharonov. “We have a good relationship with the International swimming Federation, I think they trust us. Water Polo is a team sport, and our athletes was not seen in the case of a positive doping samples. So they prepared the plan, and on July 28 they will fly to Rio. Well, if there are new samples, so let it be,” added the sports official.

Traps on every corner

Passing the decision on the level of international federations, the IOC decided not to aggravate the already politicized situation, says Chairman of the Collegium of advocates “starinsky, Cartago and partners” Eugene, Cartago. “Now, in each sport which have identified positive samples in athletes from Russia, as well as from other countries, federations it will be necessary to hold an emergency meeting to decide on the admission or non-admission as individual athletes and entire teams,” says the lawyer.

Most Ghost of a chance to get to the Games, the Russian athletes. July 21 court of arbitration for Sport (CAS) upheld the decision of the International athletics Federation (IAAF) on the withdrawal of Russian athletes from the Olympics.

The risk of suspension of the teams, as happened with the athletes, still persists, said Eugene, Cartago. According to him, it is not excluded that the final decision-making of the athletes will be asked to retake the drug test. Particular attention may be the representatives of those sports that involve elevated work, and where there is a direct relationship between the presence of drugs and the result of the competition. To those, for example, include weightlifting, rowing, wrestling, and swimming.

“The Russian team has always been attention, it has always been, is and will be”, — said Olympic champion Svetlana Khorkina, the question RBC about whether to the Russian team in Rio special relationship. She calls for Russian athletes to be careful and cautious at the Games: “all Sorts of pitfalls may be waiting on every corner”. Former gymnast recalled an incident that happened to her at the Olympic games in Sydney. Then it turned out that in the final, she fell due to the fact that the horse jump was set at five inches below normal.

The organizers of the world championship on football which will pass in Russia in 2018, should also be on the lookout, said a member of the Executive Committee of the Russian football Union Senator Viktor Ozerov. “Our country today is quite close attention, starting with sanctions, ending threats from NATO, now sports,” he explained. Lake notes that although Russia was indeed found evidence of doping, it was avoided by other countries. “However, only in relation to Russia had built such a campaign to discredit the entire sport,” — said the expert. According to him, hardly international partners will look for some flaws in the field of doping, however, can put on the kind of conditions of accommodation of foreign athletes or security during the world Cup, especially given the scandal with Russian fans at the soccer championship in France.


In a statement, the IOC says that athletes are ever convicted of doping will not be admitted to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. A recent double-check the doping tests of participants of the Olympic games in 2008 and 2012 showed that the tests are 98 athletes was positive. How many of them belong to the Russians, the IOC did not specify, just as it took two waves of audits, some more will be held after the upcoming Games.

Earlier it became known that the positive results revealed samples of three Russian weightlifters that competed at the previous Games: Apti Aukhadov, who won a silver medal in 2012, Marina Shahinovoy and Hope Evstyukhina whose samples were taken during the Olympics in 2008.

Due to a positive doping test from the Games, suspended a team member in rowing Sergey Fedorovtsev. Will not be able to participate in the Games and the athletes whose samples in February and March 2016 was discovered banned by WADA Meldonium, in particular professional tennis player, winner of all tournaments of “Grand slam” Maria Sharapova and basketball player Alexander Markin.