Crimean authorities said the number of major Ukrainian investors

Crimean authorities said the number of residents of the state whose deposits in the Ukrainian banks exceeded 700 thousand rubles. The corresponding statement was published on the official website of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic.

According to the Finance Ministry, large deposits in Ukrainian banks kept 9 449 thousand.

The report notes that the compensation payments will be made in proportion to the stated requirements. “Each of the contributors will be paid 6,3635% of the amount of his contribution, in excess of 700 thousand rubles,” — noted in the regional Ministry of Finance.

To compensate all former depositors government will spend more than 5 billion rubles.

“The aggregate amount of claims of investors to the Ukrainian credit institutions in excess of 700 thousand rubles is 5 366 956 998,44 rubles.”, — noted the Agency.

On 22 July, the Ministry of Finance of the Crimea sent to the depositors protection Fund of 245.7 million rubles for compensation of large deposits. The Department explained that these funds were proceeds from the sale of nationalized property in Crimea.

Earlier the constitutional court of Russia considered the case of two residents of the Bryansk region, which challenged the law on the depositors of banks on the territory of Crimea. In 2013, they opened deposits in hryvnias in the Sevastopol branch of the Ukrainian Bank PJSC Bank “Capital” which a year after the decision of the Bank of Russia was closed. In this regard, the COP adopted the decision to test the law on the recognition of the Crimean citizens.

Ukrainian banks have stopped operating in Crimea after the annexation of the region to Russia in March 2014. Later, the government adopted the law on compensation payments to depositors of the Ukrainian banks. The size of payments is established by proportional allocation of property among the depositors in accordance with the size of their claims, which exceed 700 thousand rubles.