In Venezuela, McDonald’s stopped selling “big Macs” because of the lack of bread

The network of restaurants of fast food McDonald’s has eliminated the “big Mac” from the menu in Venezuela due to the shortage of raw materials for its production, according to Globovision.

According to the channel, from the sole supplier of McDonald’s over the pieces of bread, which separate the two patties in the Burger.

Previously, McDonald’s was already facing the problem of shortage of raw materials in Venezuela. Instead of French fries restaurants had to temporarily offer the clients the local root of the Yucca.

In Venezuela there is an acute shortage of goods against the background of inflation and declining state revenues due to the decline in oil prices. According to the public opinion poll DatanĂ¡lisis in Caracas supermarkets missing 80% of the major names of the goods of mass demand.

As noted by Globovision in Venezuela “big Mac” costs 1700 bolivars, equivalent to $170. For comparison, in Russia this Burger costs 130 rubles ($2).

In 2015, the drafters of the “big Mac Index” that determines the parity of purchasing power, called the Venezuelan Bolivar, the most undervalued currency in the world. Conducting the study of the experts of the Economist based on the idea that the same products in different countries should cost about the same. “Big Mac” was taken as a reference, since McDonald’s represented in most countries of the world.