In new York, the first child born with the virus zika

In new York, the first child was born, the victim of zika virus. This was reported by the municipal health Department in his Twitter.

According to us authorities, the child’s mother was infected by a virus Zeke after a trip to the region, where the fever is actively spreading. Detailed data about the child and his mother, the doctors did not provide.

Earlier, the US reported the first case of death of the patient, who was diagnosed with zika virus. He also got infected after a trip to the region where the actively spreading the fever.

In late may, more than 150 experts in the field of public health issued a public letter in which he stated that the risk of infection from the virus, Zeke is too high in order to hold the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro safely. In this regard, the researchers asked the organizers to move or postpone the Game. The world health organization (who), in turn, grounds to postpone the sporting events saw.

Initially, researchers argued that to transmit the virus, Zeke can only mosquitoes of a certain kind, but later in the United States registered its first case of transmission of the fever sexually. In Brazil also recorded samples of the virus in saliva and urine. The big danger virus zika is for pregnant women because infection can cause the fetal microcephaly. Scientific communication of the virus and this phenomenon has not yet been confirmed