Experts have estimated the loss of channels when the non-participation of Russia in the Olympics

In the event of disqualification of the national team to the most affected player in the TV market risks becoming “Match TV”. For sports channel is the Olympics on a par with the last European championship on football in France — a key event of the year, during which the proportion and number of spectators have planned to grow, says head of pay TV and media consulting company J’son & Partners Consulting Dmitry Kolesov. According to him, “Match TV” may not reach “half of the audience and the money in August,” why the annual plan for both indicators (audiences and revenues) in danger of being narrowly missed by 5-7%.

The loss of the “First channel” and “Russia 1”, which also received the right to broadcast the Olympic games, will not exceed 5% of the sales plan in August and will be invisible at the end of 2016, says Kolesov. According to him, usually in the agreements considered force majeure, but it does not include such terms as “the non-participation of Russian athletes”. “To terminate the contracts without sanctions, the advertisers will not work”, — notes the analyst.

Respondents RBC experts agree that the lack of Russian athletes at the Olympic games, and will affect the ratings of the broadcasts, “not critical”. A much more significant factor is the output time of the broadcasts. “Only a small part of the competition starts in Brazil this morning. Moscow time is the time interval from 15 to 18 hours”, — said Director General of the Agency Havas Sports & Entertainment Maria Gavrilova. Even if the competition will be held at 15:00 local time, Moscow time they will be broadcast after 23:00, reminds Kolesov.

“Overall, we did not expect high ratings, even if our team was involved in Games at full strength,” — said the Director General of the Agency Havas Sports & Entertainment Maria Gavrilova.

For comparison, according to TNS, the top 10 rated broadcasts of the last summer Olympics, held four years ago in London, included only one event, the broadcast of which was begun after 23:00 Moscow time — the closing ceremony of the Games, which was broadcast on the TV channel “Russia 1”.

In addition to factors associated with time zones, interest in the summer Olympics the Russian audience is traditionally lower than the winter, which is also recorded by sellers of advertising and advertisers, the source said RBC in the media market.

The Olympics never gave Russian television “overgrading” agrees managing Director of the Agency OMD Fuse Anton Efimov. “The advertising revenue of the channels also do not lose. Lose only those who pay for broadcasting rights, but I’m sure the discussion of price changes is possible, since the IOC sells the rights, which decides about the participation or removal of the Russian national team,” explains Efimov.

Broadcast of the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro is shared between three Federal broadcaster “channel one”, VGTRK (the channel “Russia 1”) and “Gazprom-Media holding” (TV channel “Match TV”). “The first channel” “Russia 1” will traditionally share the broadcast of the opening ceremonies and closing of Games, and broadcast the competitions, told TASS at the beginning of may, the General producer “the First channel” Alexander Faifman. “Match TV” also got “quite a large package,” he said. The exact schedule of broadcast channels until released. At the previous summer Olympics in London in 2012 top 10 highest-rated broadcasts of the first seven positions of the “First channel”, follows from the data provided to RBC by TNS.

The most popular event was the final of the men’s volleyball tournament Russia — Brazil, which got a rating of 4,2% and a share of 18.1% of all Russians older than 4 years.

Representatives “the First channel” and VGTRK has refused to discuss with RBC, as the lack of participation of the Russian national team in the 2016 Games can affect their ratings and advertising revenue. In “Gazprom-media” comment at the time of publication not provided.