The interior Ministry of Armenia reported a large number of injured in clashes in Yerevan

Clashes between police and opposition supporters in Yerevan

In collisions at the captured police station in Yerevan has suffered a large number of people, including guards. This was announced by Deputy chief of police Samvel Hovhannisyan, reports “Interfax”.

On the question of journalists, whether suffered in the scuffle, police, Hovhannisyan replied: “a Lot”. Earlier, Armenian media reported on casualties among the demonstrators.

During the crackdown on protesters, the guards used non-lethal weapons, including tear gas and stun grenades. According to some, had seized the building shots were heard. Protesters tried to break through a police cordon and threw stones at him, but was pushed back

The activists are supporters of those who seized a police post. They require that food armed group picked up not by police, and opposition MP Nikol Pashinyan.

Pashinyan himself on Thursday evening entered into negotiations with the police. He urged the protesters not to approach the police cordon. The MP also called for calm guards.

On July 17 a group of armed supporters of opposition leader Zhirayr Sefilyan seized the building of the regiment of the patrol service on the street Khorenatsi. Several law enforcement officers were taken hostage, one of them died. Five hostages were later freed.