The emblem of Regardie portray gold buckles

On the website of the Federal portal of projects of normative legal acts published a draft presidential decree on the establishment of the emblem of Regardie, where the image of the sign.

As the emblem of Regardie will perform the double-headed eagle, surmounted by a crown, with spread wings. In the clutches of an eagle depicts crossed swords with silver swords, mentioned in the description. On the chest of the eagle there is a triangular shield with rounded top, on which is painted a horseman slaying a dragon with a spear. The description also States that the shield is cast in silver with Golden elements.

The document also says that the badge of Regardie can be depicted in monochrome. A shield with the image of a rider and dragon is allowed to apply as an independent emblem of Regardie without the two-headed eagle.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the creation of Regardie 5 APR. Then he was appointed to head the new body, General Viktor Zolotov, who previously was the head of the security Service of the President. On 22 June the state Duma adopted the law on Regardie, and after a few days the package of laws on creation of a new body was approved by the Federation Council.

Asgardia will “fight against terrorism” with the participation of the Ministry of internal Affairs, protection of public order and will monitor the observance of legislation in the sphere of trafficking in weapons and in the field of private security activities.