“Rosbalt” was told about the investigation details of the FSB of corruption in the TFR

That kingpin Zakhary Kalashov nicknamed Shakro Young has prepared a large sum of money to release from prison his close friend Andrew Kochanova (Italian), the FSB learned in the spring of 2016, writes “Rosbalt”. Kochunov was arrested on suspicion of extorting money from the owner of Elements restaurant Jeanne Kim, which turned into a gunfight near her places on the street Rochdelskaya in Moscow. In the shootout 14 Dec 2015 was attended by ten people, two of whom died.

To “solve” the problem was Dmitry Zvontsov, CEO of one of the Firms, who himself was a former law enforcement officer. Chop served mainly the interests of Shakro Young. The zvontsov, says the Agency, was familiar with the security chief of the Main investigatory management SK the Russian Federation across Moscow, by Mikhail Maksimenko.

The source of “Rosbalt” in the security services said that Maksimenko has agreed to help, while he discussed with Svantevit amount for the services is $5 million, which had to pass the parts as you perform. In the course of operational activities by the FSB found that Maksimenko went with the “proposal from Shakro” to the first Deputy head of GSU SK the Russian Federation across Moscow Denis Nikandrov, because I was with him on friendly terms.

Nikandrov, says the Agency, agreed to help for a reward. At the direction nikandrova the case of Italian-Kochanova was transferred from the municipal apparatus in CAD and there it was instituted not by article 163 of the criminal code (extortion), but only in article 330 of the criminal code (arbitrariness).

During the investigation it was established that in early June of 2016, the chain Kalash-Zvontsov-Maksimenko-Nikandrov was awarded a $1 million after Receiving the money Nikandrov gave an oral order to the leadership at the CAO to submit to the court a petition for extension Kochunov period of detention. “We already know that investigators from the Central DISTRICT, got no money, but simply did what they were told Nikandrov. However, they are in the next few days will also be held accountable — said the source Agency.

A few days before Kochunov had to leave the detention center statement of Jeanne Kim was transferred to GSU GU MVD in Moscow, where already opened a criminal case under article 163 of the criminal code (extortion). 14 Jun Kochanova arrested immediately after he left the detention facility “Matrosskaya Tishina”. “Following went to jail, two party attack on a restaurant Jeanne Kim, who testified that everything had been organized Shakro. In the ranks of the “thief in law” and his supporters began to panic a little”, — writes the Agency.

The zvontsov was detained July 12, one day with Kalashov. CEO of chop immediately confessed that the money was transferred Maksimenko, after which he did not arrest and put under heavy guard of the FSB as a valuable witness. Investigators FROM the CAO admitted that he had an errand to nikandrova, when not filed the petition for prolongation of arrest Kochanova.

On 19 July, the searches were held in the Main investigation Department of the TFR in Moscow, the same day the Lefortovo court issued a warrant for the arrest nikandrova, Maksimenko and his Deputy Alexander Limonova.

Report Legal source told the publication that on the eve of searches capital head of SK Alexander Drymanov retired.