Rosaviatsia threatened to “VIM-Avia” restrictions on Charter flights

The Rosaviation can enter in the certificate of explosante of the airline “VIM-Avia” limit on the performance of Charter flights in case of flight delays will continue. This is stated in a press release Rosaviation, which went on to RBC.

The Agency notes that since the beginning of the summer season recorded the “VIM-Avia “systematic hours of delay regular and Charter flights on domestic and international routes”. In early July, the CEO of the airline was sent a warning that the Rosaviation has demanded to take measures to resolve bad situations.

However, according to the Agency, as shown by monitoring the regularity of flights in July, “VIM-Avia” continued to prevent delays, lasting in some cases several tens of hours.

To eliminate the crisis and ensure the regularity of flights of the Russian aviation authorities gave the “VIM-Avia” for one week.

Himself the carrier previously explained delays and flight cancellations situation in Turkey and the problems with deliveries of new aircraft. In particular, as told RBC representative of “VIM-Avia”, the attempted coup in Turkey was delayed by more than eight flights.

The interlocutor of RBC added that last week “VIM-Avia” has commissioned a new Boeing 777, another of the same aircraft be launched in the coming days, and by the end of the month it is expected the arrival of two Boeing 737-500. All this, according to the representative of the carrier, will eliminate delays.