Loukoster “Victory” was proposed to abolish the free allowance of Luggage

Airline-loukoster “Victory” considers necessary the abolition of the mandatory norms of free baggage allowance, reports TASS with reference to the representative of the company. In accordance with the Air code and the Federal aviation rules (FAP), each passenger may bring in the Luggage compartment at least one suitcase weighing at least 10 kg.

“The abolition of compulsory free baggage allowance in the hold 10 kg would increase the number of tickets at a minimum rate of at least one-third and set your minimum hand Luggage included in the rate”, — explained TASS a source in the airline.

According to the representative of “Victory” until a law to carry free of charge baggage of the passenger, “the airline can not add to free the carriage and a backpack as hand Luggage.

On the eve of the Moscow Arbitration court supported the position of rostransnadzora prescribed “Victory” to cease to charge fees for transportation of things, “permitted excess of the free baggage allowance and at no charge to the passenger”.

The reason for prescribing Rostransnadzor began complaint from a member of the Public chamber Dmitry Chugunov and Chairman of the education Committee of the state Duma Alena’s Arshinova. Chugunov, in particular, drew attention to the conditions of transportation of personal belongings and Luggage on Board: according to him, he refused to pay an additional three piece of hand Luggage weighing up to 10 kg and was removed from the flight. The Deputy Arshinova in circulation in Rostransnadzor said that it was obliged to pay 2 thousand rubles. for carriage in the cabin, “handbags in the form of a backpack.”

The airline had previously expressed disagreement with the claims of rostransnadzora and is now preparing an appeal against the decision of the arbitration.

Source TASS, close to “Victory”, explained that FAP give passengers the right to carry a “handbag”, and “Victory”, strictly observing the rule of law, transports free all that falls under the classical understanding of a woman’s handbag”.

According to the Russian Air code, the passenger is entitled to carry free of charge as a Luggage bag (bag, backpack) weighing no more than 10 kg. Approved by the Ministry of transportation FAP free allowed to bring on Board a handbag or briefcase, a paper folder, an umbrella, a walking stick, a bouquet of flowers, outerwear, books, magazines or Newspapers to read during the flight, baby food, phone, camera, camcorder, laptop, suit holdall, baby cradle, crutches and a wheelchair.