“A man of conviction, not of the extreme”: what do you remember about Pavel Sheremet

Sergei Dorenko, editor in chief of radio station “Moscow Says”: “I remember in 1998, his arrest and disappearance of cameraman Dmitri Zavadski. This caused us a deep empathy and desire to help him. When the missing Dmitry Zavadsky, we had a sense of anxiety that has spread to most Sheremet, because if missing and probably murdered Dmitry Zavadsky, was a threat to himself Sheremet”.

Yevgeny Kiselyov, host of “Black mirror” on the Ukrainian TV channel “inter: “He was not accidentally close friend Boris Nemtsov. It was a beautiful person, very sociable and positive, always ready to help. He was a good professional.”

Anatoly Lysenko, General Director of Public television of Russia: “Professional. A very talented man. With him it was interesting work, interesting to talk to. Speaking about his professional activities, he was a man of convictions, not extreme.”

Valery Panyushkin, a columnist: “I imagine a soft, thick bear, it is my impression from personal contact with him. First and foremost it is for me buddy, friend, and professional already then, although I appreciate his professional achievements.”

The muzhdabaev, Deputy General Director of Crimean Tatar TV channel ATR (Kiev): “it seems to Me a rather young man, master of journalism, serious, respected journalist. It is equally well known both in Russia and in Ukraine. That is why he was killed. He is a very good columnist, TV and radio presenter, journalist”.