Roskomnadzor has warned of the dangers of Pokemon Go

Specialists of the company Proofpoint engaged in information security, warned that the scammers are spreading malware version of the game Pokemon Go through a third-party application catalogues and repositories. It is reported by Roskomnadzor on his page in Facebook.

The Agency notes that, because the official Pokemon Go are not yet available in many countries, including in Russia, many gamers to access the game before the official release in the country are downloading from third party sources APK files are compressed archives that are downloaded for installation on the gadget.

Through these sources, said Roskomnadzor, the crooks spread the virus DroidJack, allowing to intercept control over a user’s device, steal personal information and track his movements.

Roskomnadzor notes that another danger when downloading Pokemon Go earlier was found by the police in Missouri. On her page in Facebook there is a message about the four criminals who have made armed robbery, using the app Pokemon Go. The robbers lured the victim to the desired location, noting on the map the so-called parastop (real location, where you can search and catch pokemon). There they lay in wait for the victim and was attacked.

Game with elements of augmented reality Pokemon Go, which is that the player must find the pokemon and using your smartphone to “catch” it, was released by Niantic Labs for licensing from The Pokemon Company on 6 July.

Pokemon Go is distributed via mobile application stores App Store and Google Play. Officially, the game is available for download in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Germany and the UK. In the near future developers promised to release a version of the game for a number of other countries, including Russia.

The head of the Ministry Nikolai Nikiforov July 15, said that in creating the Pokemon Go could attend special services. According to the Minister, through play they can collect video information on the territories of all countries of the world.