He made a point extension of paid Parking zones

The ability to spot the expansion of paid Parking zones is not excluded. This was announced by the Deputy mayor, head of the Department of transportation and development of road transport infrastructure Maxim Liksutov, reports the Agency “Moscow”.

“There are such proposals, but there is a procedure, which we agreed to do. It’s a procedure in which the first suggestions are going, it’s mostly people seek. Then we give suggestions to look at municipal deputies, then such decisions will be taken”, — he said.

According to the Deputy mayor, the whole procedure, “with summer vacations,” resume “somewhere in October-November.” “We do not exclude that this [point extension of paid Parking zones]. If proposals are, they will be seriously developed,” — said Liksutov.

He stressed that the authorities do not plan to abolish the system of free Sunday Parking that was started as a pilot project. “No changes are planned”, — said Liksutov.

In addition, he said that in October-November, the city authorities will return to the consideration of the introduction of a progressive tariff.

Earlier Liksutov said that from 1 August in Moscow will earn the voice the method of payment for Parking. He said that drivers will need to call the contact center “Moscow transport”, give the number of the Parking zone, the desired duration of Parking and number of the car. Liksutov said that Moscow authorities first in the world to launch such a service.