The Turkish Prime Minister threatened to review relations with the US

The Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim

Turkey has increased pressure on the U.S. to extradite preacher Fethullah Gulen, who is in Ankara believe the mastermind of the failed attempt of a military coup, writes Reuters. “At this stage, even our friendships can be called into question”, — quotes Agency the statement of the Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim.

On Monday, U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry said that Ankara needs to provide real evidence linking gülen to the coup, which can stand the test when considering an extradition request.

Responding to comments Kerry, Yildirim said that Turkey considers evidence against the supporters of Gulen sufficient. “We would be disappointed if our (American) friends asked us to provide evidence despite the fact that the members of the organization of assassins trying to destroy the elected government on the instructions of that person,” said the Prime Minister.

On Saturday, Yildirim said that any country harboring Gulen will be in a state of enmity with Turkey. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday urged the United States to deport the preacher or to extradite him from Ankara.

According to the foreign Minister of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu, he made it clear to Kerry that Gulen has been implicated in the coup attempt. The Minister said that talking about the results of the preacher was not.

After the failure of the coup, the White house issued a statement in which he expressed support for the “democratically elected” government of Turkey and urged all parties “to act within the law and to avoid actions that could lead to further violence and instability”.

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On the night of July 16, in Turkey there was a military coup attempt. In Ankara, the helicopters of the Turkish army attacked government buildings, in particular the General staff and the headquarters of the intelligence…

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Turkey is a NATO member. The country is the American radar of a missile defense system, the Patriot missile and aircraft electronic reconnaissance AWACS NATO countries, as well as American F-15. The Incirlik air base used by the members of NATO as a base airfield for attacks on terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria.

In the night of Saturday, July 16, in Turkey attempted military coup, which by the evening of the next day was suppressed. During the rebellion killed about 260 people from both sides.

Among the detainees was a former commander of the air force Akin Ozturk, as well as other high-ranking military officers and members of the Supreme court. The Turkish authorities claim that Gulen’s supporters have created a “parallel structure” of power in the army, the courts, educational institutions and the media.

A preacher living in exile in the United States, said that has nothing to do with the rebellion. Gülen commented on his position in the e-mail correspondence with The Wall Street Journal. “I do not believe that the United States will satisfy the query based on the hostility of the regime, which is recognized as dictatorial and lost credibility in the eyes of the world,” wrote the preacher about his attitude to extradition.

Gülen underlined that he is not afraid of the gallows in the case of the issuance of Turkey. “I am 77 years and look forward to meeting with the Lord and the afterlife”, he added.