Mutko called the WADA report, the testimony of one man

As stated by the Agency TASS Mutko, Minister of sport distressing is the fact that all the facts in the report WADA built on the testimony of a person whom Commission of the world anti-doping Agency called the most corrupt chief”. “And today he was called an honest person, a credible source,” said Mutko.

The head of sport also surprised the fact that the WADA investigation was conducted without considering the opinion of the Russian side. According to him, advanced to the Russian athletes charges require careful investigation, and therefore the report will be handed over to Russian law enforcement agencies. “I hope that WADA, the Commission will present all the necessary evidence, if necessary”, – said Mutko.

The Minister also expressed hope that the international Olympic Committee (IOC) will take into account when considering the tolerance of Russians to the Games in Rio de Janeiro that every athlete has a story.

On Monday 18 July, WADA has published the results of the investigation of the independent Commission, headed by Richard McLaren. It follows that during the Olympic games in Sochi samples of Russian athletes many times replaced, and the intake of illicit drugs is supported at the state level.

WADA demanded to disqualify Russian athletes from participation in all international competitions until, “until you change the culture.” Another condition called the resignation of Vitaly Mutko, who, according to McLaren, was aware of what is happening.

At the moment, from participating in the Olympics only suspended the national team of Russia in athletics. The reason for this decision was the investigation of the journalist of the German TV channel, which indicated that the Russian athletes had systematically taken illegal drugs with the connivance of the Russian anti-doping Agency. The basis for the investigation was the testimony moved to North America runner Yulia Stepanova and her husband Vitaly Stepanov.