Egypt has blocked the adoption of UN security Council statement on the uprising in Turkey

The UN security Council

The UN security Council failed to adopt a statement condemning the mutiny and violence in Turkey, Reuters reported, citing diplomats.

The reason was the fact that Egypt refused to approve the wording, according to which all parties must “respect the democratically elected government of Turkey”. According to interlocutors of Agency, the Egyptian side stressed that the security Council is not in a position to qualify or to call this [Turkish] government — or whatever else the government is undemocratic or democratically elected.”

The US and Britain, however, refused to accept the proposed changes to the text of the statement. After that Egypt has offered another option, according to which all parties in Turkey should “respect the democratic and constitutional principles and the rule of law.” The negotiations over, saying in a conversation with Reuters diplomats.

“We have proposed another language [writing a statement] that respects democratic and constitutional principles. But the Americans refused to accept it,” explained Reuters Egyptian Ambassador AMR Abouelatta. Foreign Minister of Egypt, in turn, expressed surprise “that the proposed change was not accepted, and claiming obstacles to the acceptance of the application”.

The text of the statement the security Council, in particular, was expected to Express serious concern about the situation in Turkey, to encourage parties to exercise restraint, avoid violence and bloodshed and to end the crisis and return to the rule of law, Reuters reports.

According to the Agency, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi — a former General who in 2013 after protests toppled the elected President Mohamed Morsi of the group “Muslim brotherhood” (banned in Russia), while Turkey supported the “Muslim brotherhood”.

Attempt a military coup in Turkey occurred on the night of 16 July. Helicopters of the Turkish army attacked government buildings in Ankara, in particular, of the General staff and intelligence. By morning, the authorities brought the situation under control. According to the latest data, as a result of the incident killed 104 rebel and 161 representative of the Pro-government forces and civilians. Arrested on 3 thousand.

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On the night of July 16, in Turkey there was a military coup attempt. In Ankara, the helicopters of the Turkish army attacked government buildings, in particular the General staff and the headquarters of the intelligence…

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