Broadcasting appeal of the Turkish military channel stopped broadcasting

Stream channel TRT in which the military broadcast her address to the nation, suspended, Reuters reported sources in Turkey.

Some other TV stations stopped normal broadcasting. According to CNN Turk, Turkish TV channels live fills only the weather forecast.

In addition, difficult access for Internet users to social networks. Reuters, citing two Turkish monitoring group that monitors interruptions in network access, Dyn and Blocks Turkey, reports that to access social media in Turkey is now “difficult or impossible”.

Earlier, Turkish authorities resorted to the restriction of freedom of information in emergency situations. In particular, the Turkish broadcasting regulator in the days of major terrorist attacks in the country produces regulations that impose restrictions on coverage.

On the evening of 15 July, the Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said the attempted military coup in the country. President Erdogan also addressed the nation, noting that he was confident that the coup will be suppressed, and those who organized it and will pay “a high price in the courts.”

At the same time, a group of soldiers who call themselves the “Council for peace in the country, delivered in a speech on the state channel TRT (earlier, Reuters reported that on the territory of the head office of the TV company moved in two buses with soldiers). Military in his address said they wanted to restore constitutional order and the rule of law in the country, which, in their opinion, has been undermined. As reported by Anadolu Agency, the military seized hostages in the building of the Turkish General staff, and among the hostages is allegedly the head of the General staff Hulusi Akar.