The US warned about the long-term impact of Brexit on the markets

British exit from EU may have implications for the markets for many years. It is reported by the Office of financial research and development of the United States, reports Reuters.

“Despite the volatility in the market subsided, the policy uncertainty and the final financial and political consequences can last for months or years, leaving markets vulnerable to further shocks to confidence,” he said in the quarterly review of markets Management.

The negotiations, which can drag on for years to come, and their results can have legal and economic consequences for the financial sector of UK as well as for foreign investment in the country, the report States.

U.S. regulators rely on the law on reforming wall street and consumer protection Dodd-Frank, which will help them to prevent another financial crisis.

A referendum on British exit from the European Union took place on 23 June. Victory in the referendum was won by the eurosceptics, scoring 51.9% of the votes.