The head of the Fes described the situation with debts on wages “depressing”

The head of the Federal service for labour and employment Vsevolod Vukolov

According to the head of the Federal service for labour and employment Vsevolod Vukolov in Russia there was a “depressing” situation with debts on a salary. According to TASS, the official stated this at a meeting of the Public Council under the Fes.

“Today, the situation with wage arrears is depressing enough,” said Vukolov and added that, according to statistics, the debt is about 4 billion rubles.

The largest wage arrears, said the head of the Fes that accumulated in the construction, transport, manufacturing industry. “In the public sector is virtually non-existent,” said Vukolov.

However, he noted the important role of the units of the Investigative Committee’s role in the return of debts on a salary. “Investigation Committee, in fact, render us a great help and I would like to thank my colleagues who spend a great deal of work that negligent officials now return the salary,” said Vukolov.

On July 11, the Chairman of the party “United Russia” and the head of the government Dmitry Medvedev has invited his party members to speak honestly during the election campaign that in today’s Russia, wages and pensions to increase in some times impossible

“The truth is the best weapon in the competitive struggle during the election campaign. Let’s be honest: who would today neither was in power, he will not be able to increase the salary five times or pension to increase by several times, unless of course he doesn’t want to drain the whole country, to bankrupt the state and destroy the budget,” Medvedev said at a meeting with activists of “United Russia” in Ekaterinburg.