In the largest leading broadcasting holdings Russia’s new leadership

The Board of Directors of the largest leading broadcasting holdings Russia — European media group (EMG owns “Europe Plus”, “Road radio”) — was released from the post of Director of the company Ekaterina Tikhomirov. This is stated in the message of EMG. The new head of the holding became a Roman Emelyanov, former program Director of “Russian radio”.

“The shareholders asked me to lead the Board of Directors of EMG, but I refused, as it is not my desired role and purpose in life” — are words in the message Tikhomirova.

Tihomirova led EMG in 2012. It was when it held a change of ownership of EMG. At the end of may 2016 74,55% of EMG acquired co-owner of Ural mining and metallurgical company (UGMK) Andrey Bokarev and its top managers Andrey Kozitsyn and Igor Kudryashkin. That deal closed in may, Tikhomirov said in an interview to “Kommersant”. In base “SPARK-Interfax” data on new shareholders are not yet available.

A controlling stake in EMG now belongs to “Melody”, which is owned by Bokarev (10%), Kozitsyn (30%) and Kudryashkin (60%), indicated by the “Kommersant”. Before the transaction the sole owner of EMG was “SDS Media holding”, and then became a minority owner of the leading broadcasting holdings. The amount of the transaction were not disclosed.

In October 2015 the leaders of UMMC bought the EMG Moscow 98,4 FM frequency (previously it was broadcast by “Radio Record”). Then Tikhomirov said that the proposals of the businessmen was “impossible to refuse”. Almost immediately the wave was launched “a New radio”. General producer of the project became public.

European media group (EMG) includes radio station “Europe Plus” “Retro FM”, “radio”, “Radio 7 on seven hills”, “Sport FM” and others. According to TNS, a daily radio holding, listening to about 22.5 million people (35,5%), the weekly audience is more than 41.4 million people (65,4%).