The Ministry of economic development has promised the strengthening of the ruble in the second half

As have informed Agency “RIA Novosti” in the Ministry of economic development, the Agency predicted strengthening of the ruble, and because the current forecast of the average annual rate means the rate at 67.2 rubles per dollar. However, at the end of the first quarter the average rate stood at 74.7 rubles per dollar, the second is 65.9 rubles per dollar.

“Thus, in the second half of 2016 will continue the strengthening of the ruble,” – said the Ministry.

The position of the Russian currency has affected the outcome of the referendum on the British exit from the European Union, according to the Ministry. In addition, global stock markets have started to invest in riskier assets, including in the ruble that has led to the strengthening of the exchange rate, added the MAYOR.