Suspect in espionage the Russian was released in Italy

A corridor in a Roman prison “Regina Coeli”

As reports the edition in the second half of day Sergey Pozdnyakov, extradition to which Portugal refused on Thursday the court of appeal, left to the Roman prison “Regina Coeli” and is now under the protection of its Embassy.

Information on the release of Russian edition confirmed his lawyer Mario Murano.

On detention of the citizen of Russia it became known on may 24. The Portuguese authorities claimed that the security and information of this country Manuel Karvalju in Rome “was transferred to the Russian scout” some secret documents, and in return received an envelope in which lay 10 thousand euros. Both were allegedly caught red-handed.

Karvalju were deported to Portugal. In Lisbon demanded the extradition of Russian citizen, but the court considered the extradition requests are unreasonable.