Peskov responded to a question about pokemon in the Kremlin

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov could not answer the question, not will power against it, if the heroes are gaining popularity in Russia and in the world of Pokemon Go will appear on the territory of the Kremlin.

“I don’t know, no. If I’m not mistaken, this game is not available in Russia, that’s what I read. So here I’m just not qualified to answer, I don’t play games,” Peskov said (quoted by TASS).

However, he said that to visit the territory of Kremlin there are more compelling reasons besides hunting for pokemon. “Pokemon is not an excuse to the Treasury of world culture, Kremlin, to visit. Moreover, the Kremlin has opened an unprecedented, despite the fact that it is the residence of the President”, — explained the press-Secretary of the President.

He recalled that recently in the Kremlin was laid out a new Park, excavations were carried out. This, according to Peskov, “enriches the Kremlin, and most importantly, made it more open to our citizens and guests.”

Pokemon Go is a game with augmented reality. The objective of the game is to find and capture the pokemon using a mobile phone camera. Now the game is officially available for download in the USA, New Zealand and Australia.

In Russia, the game can be downloaded to a smartphone just by using your account in the AppStore and Google Play, which was in downloadable countries. However, the sources of “Vedomosti” familiar with the managers of Nintendo — co-owner Creator of the game, the company Ninatic, said that the launch of Pokemon Go in Russia may take place before the end of this week.

The game itself was launched on 6 July. Three days later, Pokemon Go was the first among the most downloaded apps for mobile devices in the United States and Australia.