Forbes spoke about the punishment of the participants of the rally for Geländewagen

Graduates of the FSB Academy, who took part in the rally for the Mercedes Geländewagen, sent to serve for the Urals, and refused to fire, Forbes said a source close to the secret service.

The distribution of graduates in distant garrisons were discussed, confirmed the Forbes source close to law enforcement. At the same time the interlocutor of the edition close to the Academy, stressed that such punishment was never practiced and never will be.” “And if they will be sent beyond the Urals, will rejoice: they pay more,” he added.

Participants of the rally will probably not be admitted to operational service, told the journal, two people familiar with the service in the Department. For the first five years of service, their “can-stick to more hard-line in the regions away,” said the publication of the acting employee of FSB.

Because of the scandal with the arrival of graduates at three dozen Highly several of the leaders of the Academy of the FSB will be presented to dismissal. The Agency emphasized that the behavior of graduates “aroused the just indignation of the citizens, and a sharp condemnation of the military personnel of security agencies to violate the code of ethics and business conduct”.