Cod undercover: as a fish dealer, was suspected of forgery

Cod on the counter

Deliberate violation

The Russian system of quality Roskoshestvo) established by the government of Russia in 2015, on Thursday presented the results of a study of cod fillets under 16 brand names. All of them are of Russian origin. The purchases were made mainly in online stores.

DNA analysis revealed that some manufacturers substitute the cheaper cod fish. Under the trademarks Shturman KF, “Every day”, SP Zemlyansky, FISH House and ARSFISH in fact, Pollock was sold and badged ARTFISH — haddock.

While two of these brands are manufactured on demand in large retailers. Every day belongs to the trade network “Auchan” and FISH House — X5 Retail group (the trade network “Pyaterochka”, “Perekrestok” and “Karusel”).

“The causes which impel the manufacturer to use a different type of fish, usually only two. The first is a purely economic issue: the cheaper haddock and Pollock are not very different in appearance and price, they can easily pass for cod, the difference in price will be significant. The second is the lack of raw materials. In the case when the contract with retail chains signed, and the season of fishing is over, the manufacturer can “sin” substitution of other fish”, — stated in the study Roskoshestvo (RBC).

What is Roskoshestvo

ANO “Russian quality system” (Rascacielo) was established by government order in April, 2015 for “independent study of the quality of the products presented on the shelves of Russian stores.” As stated on the website of the organization, its activity is to inform the public about the quality of goods in stores and the Russian award “quality Mark” highest quality domestic goods. Since its inception, Roskoshestvo held a number of high-profile audits. For example, the organization recognized the poor half of the red caviar and almost all salmon slices sold in Moscow stores and found that shirt Zara, MNG and Bellford unsafe for health.

Pollock 35-45% cheaper than the cod, for which it is issued, estimates the President of the Russian Association of fishermen (VARPE Alexander Fomin. “The quality of cod is always higher it has less bones and more meat, in addition, it is in our country is produced six times less Pollock,” says the expert.

The purpose of unfair suppliers — to offer retailers a deliberately low price and thus get on the shopping shelves. “So the forger deliberately goes on breach, and network know about it, — said the Executive Director of Fisheries Union Sergey Gudkov. — We held talks on the results of several tenders organized retail chains, and explained that cod fillet may not be worth 180 rubles (per kilogram. — RBC), while cod — 200 RUB. However, retail networks continue to sell cheap Pollock under the guise of a more expensive cod”. The share of counterfeit cod on the market comparable to the share of violations identified by Roskoshestvo, that is up to 40%, admits the expert.

Expensive fish

The prices of fish fillets from wholesalers vary depending on the size of the party when ordering and also “technical specifications” — content of the glaze (ice deeply frozen fish), the presence of the skin on the piece, region of origin, etc. However, having studied the price lists of several wholesale companies, RBC found that the same weight piece of cod is really expensive. For example, the company IceFish wholesale selling price per kg Pollock fillet starts from 105 RUB cheapest cod in this case is two times more expensive — 218 rubles. per 1 kg. the Company “the Grant Opt is selling fillets from the far Eastern Pollock 175,5 Euro per 1 kg, and the Murmansk cod — 320,4 RUB.

Threat band

Substitution of names is the sin of not fishermen and onshore fish processing companies and companies which deal with packing fillet, convinced the officials RBC.

“No fishermen or port workers working in the Northern basin, cannot substitute for cod Pollock because Pollock have not found, — explains the representative of the Murmansk fishing Parta Alexey Bakumenko. — And carry Pollock from the Far East to Murmansk to replace cod as something unprofitable and troublesome. So if the substitution happens in distribution centers in the middle lane”.

In accordance with the markings on the packaging of the suspected mismatch of products produced by four companies, shows Roskoshestvo: OOO “Talisman VVV (brand Shturman KF” and “Every day”), Yip Zemlyansky (ARSFISH and production of no-name), OOO “DELTA” (ARTFISH) and ZAO “th “Perekrestok” (FISH House).

“Talisman BBB” is registered in the Biryulyovo West at Khladokombinat Salimeks”. Its founders, according to SPARK, are Victor and Tatiana Rodnikovy. Victor Springs is also the co-owner of Talisman BBB”. Tatiana Rodnikova, which phoned RBC, acknowledged that the company “Talisman VVV works on-site cold storage facility and promised to refer the issues to RBC representatives of this company. However, the representative “Mascot VVV never called back.

Individual entrepreneur Yury Zemlyansky, engaged in processing of fish and fish products registered in Obninsk, Kaluga region. At the production number on the product labeling, in the village of Krivosheino in Kaluga region is a warehouse with an area of 1400 sq. m., OOO “DELTA” is registered in the Moscow suburb of Khimki. To receive comments from the entrepreneur and the company failed.

TD “the Crossroads” — one of the legal entities of X5 Retail group. The address of the production is Orekhovo-Zuevskaya Khladokombinat.

“Purchases from this supplier discontinued in the spring of 2016 in connection with the identified as a result of its control activities, the company adhering to the quality of the products supplied”, — told RBC press service of X5 Retail Group. Does this connection work on selecting a new supplier, the company said.

The representative of “Auchan” confirmed that upon information received, conducted its own laboratory tests, which also revealed a mismatch of the content to the specified part of the package. “As a result, all the goods of the party charged with implementation. The provider billed the claim. In addition, the production will be carried out an unscheduled independent audit. In case of detection of violations the audit contract with the manufacturer may be terminated”, — said the representative “Ashana” Maria Kurnosova.

Successes and shortcomings

According to a study Roskoshestvo, the products of eight brands is characterized by a high content of glaze — ice shell was more than 5% by weight of fish that does not meet the Unified sanitary rules of Customs Union.

Figure Kmafanm characterizing the total content of microorganisms in the product was slightly exceeded only in two samples out of 16. This suggests that in most cases the conditions of processing and storage of the product are not violated.

Relevant quality standards have been recognized as products under the brands of AGAMA, “Bay of plenty”, “Coswell”, “FISHING YEAR”, JSC RPF VARIANT and FROZEN at sea.

DNA analysis

To reveal that under the guise of cod sold less valuable fish, allowed the sequenced DNA analysis, says Roskoshestvo Maria Mar Galicheva. According to open sources, the price of this method of genetic analysis starts from 12-15 thousand rubles, as a result it is used very selectively, mainly to establish kinship in humans. More often food tested using the method of PCR (polymerase chain reaction), which is less accurate, but much cheaper — about 300 rubles per sample (according to search engine Analysis-market”).

Information about the detected violations were sent to producers and also to the Supervisory authority, says Galicheva.

The CPS confirmed the receipt of the relevant documents. With the representative of the Rosselkhoznadzor could not be reached.

The representative of the Agency Ksenia Timakova said that the office will verify the facts contained in the study Roskoshestvo. “We believe that any fraud is unacceptable. All Russian fish good in its own way, it must honestly present”, — said Timakova.

In her opinion, to reduce the likelihood that violations will allow a unified monitoring system that will track fish at all stages of displacement, from a reservoir to the counter. Working on an appropriate system, the Agency leads in 2015 together with the Rosselkhoznadzor, Rospotrebnadzor, the Federal tax service, Federal customs service and the FSB.