The new Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain have Boris Johnson

For the post of foreign Minister in the government Theresa may appointed the former mayor of London, Boris Johnson, reports “bi-Bi-si”.

Since July 2014, the foreign office was headed by Philip Hammond. Earlier Wednesday, may have appointed him Chancellor of the exchequer of the UK George Osborne is.

After the referendum on the British exit from the European Union, the British press and the bookies called Johnson one of the main candidates for the post of Prime Minister. However, on the morning of 30 June, his candidacy for the post of Prime Minister was put forward by justice Minister Michael Gove, who was a colleague of Johnson in the struggle for the country’s withdrawal from the EU, after which ex-mayor announced the decision to refuse participation in election campaign.


In the end, the leader of the British Conservative party and the new Prime Minister became the ex-the interior Minister of the Kingdom Theresa may. July 13, she officially took office and began to form a new government.