The head of the American foreign broadcasting was denied entry to Russia

The Chairman of the Board of governors on issues of broadcasting Jeffrey shell

Jeffrey Schell told The New York Times, arrived in Moscow at 23:30 on Tuesday, but when passing the border control, he was denied entry to Russia. According to him, he made a business trip as the head of the film division of NBCUniversal Corporation.

“I was brought into a small room half an hour left alone, and then someone came up with a document in Russian, which I was asked to sign,” said shell in a telephone interview. According to him, he refused, explaining that he won’t sign what he doesn’t understand.

After that, the businessman said, he was given a translation of a document stating that he was denied entry to Russia. Then, according to Schell, he was sent to another room, also located at the airport, where he spent locked up for three hours, until he was put on a flight to Amsterdam.

The businessman has told that at five o’clock in the morning they came for him, an armed guard who conducted him to the plane. “He gave my passport to the pilot and told not to return it to me until I’m on the Dutch site,” said shell. He added that he was not told why he was denied entry to Russia.

The Board of governors on issues of broadcasting, which is headed by shell, is an Agency of the U.S. government, which oversees broadcasting for foreign audience. In its composition, in particular, includes the Voice of America and Radio Free Europe / “Radio Liberty”.