NASA released the first photos of Jupiter after entering the orbit of Juno probe

The Juno spacecraft gave the first picture of Jupiter after it entered the orbit of this planet on 5 July.

A photo posted on his Twitter space Agency NASA.

The report stated that the photos more closely, the Agency will receive in a few weeks.

Booster Atlas V with research Juno probe took off from Cape Canaveral to Jupiter in August 2011. Juno is the second mission of the American program New Frontiers.

The objective of probe is to study gravitational and magnetic fields of Jupiter. He also needs to test the hypothesis whether the planet’s solid core. In addition, Juno has to explore the atmosphere of Jupiter and will be engaged in search of water.

The cost of the mission, according to Reuters estimates, totaled $1 billion. it is Noted that data from the probe in the course of the study will help better understand the formation processes of celestial bodies. the Origin of Jupiter influenced the development and position in the Solar system of different planets, including Earth.