A loophole in Turkey: as a tour operators were able to circumvent the ban on charters

The first went

A decree lifting restrictions on the sale of tours to Turkey, President Vladimir Putin signed on June 30. But the government has still not adopted a relevant resolution.

However, tour operators have found a way to offer customers package tours to the official authorization of Charter flights program. The first plane chartered by tour operators under organized group, arrived in Turkey Saturday, June 9. Boeing 737-800 aircraft belonged to the airline “Russia” which is included into group “Aeroflot” and is the designated carrier from the Russian side on routes from Moscow to Antalya and Saint Petersburg—Antalya. Technically it’s a regular flight, so the ban on the organization of Charter flights, effective from December 2015, was not violated. Customer by the tour operator “Biblio Globus”.

As the “Biblio Globus” on its website, following the flight of Russia in Antalya is scheduled for 12 July and 18 July the flights will be operated daily. Prices for tours with this flight on 18 July starting from 31 thousand roubles For comparison, packages with flights of “Aeroflot” or Turkish Airlines for the same date are at “Biblio-Globus” a minimum of 97,7 million and 52.4 thousand rubles.respectively.

According to the website “Biblio Globus”, 2 August, the operator will also run three flights per week to Antalya from Saint Petersburg. Thus, the total chartered “Biblio the Globe” transportation, according to the estimates of RBC for about 2 thousand tourists a week.

The phone is the founder of “Biblio Globus” Alexander Tugolukov Monday was transferred to foster, company representative of the operational review could not provide.

The time agreed

In March 2016 the tour operator “Biblio Globus” and airline “Russia” signed a long-term cooperation agreement for the period up to 2018. Tour operator to have received 13 aircraft, including eight Boeing 737-800s and five Boeing 747. According to industry portal Tourdom.ru during 2016, “Biblio Globus” had a plan to move them about 2 million tourists. Wide-body Boeing 747 went to “Russia” from the former market leader in Charter carriers — bankrupt in 2015, Transaero, which had previously been a key partner in “Biblio-Globus”Yu

Other tour operators do not intend to miss the opportunity to turn a regular flight “Charter”. From July 14 to start a similar program “Pegas Touristik and Coral Travel on scheduled flights of Turkish Airlines. Tour operators are planning to download from Moscow to Antalya two full sides on the day, and the number of Rosov airlines will increase from one to three. According to General Director of “Pegas Touristik” Anna Podgornaya, depending on the date we are talking about the Boeing 737-800, A320 or A321. They are comparable in capacity and is designed for 150-189.

Four flights a week Pegas Touristik, Coral Travel and Anex Tour bought from a Turkish low cost airline Pegasus, which operates regular flights to Antalya from Novosibirsk and Krasnodar on a Boeing 737-800.

The joint flight programme of the three operators is approximately 4 thousand tourists a week. In addition, they plan to buy blocks of seats on other flights, the number of which, however, did not disclose.


Further more

On 11 June, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich (oversees the government transport unit) said that the transport Ministry will present its proposals for the resumption of Charter flights to Turkey through two or three days. “Maybe tomorrow will be from them offers some hope for it, because it’s still holiday season there, pull a long time, don’t want,” he said (quoted by TASS). To resume shipments, according to Dvorkovich, it is sufficient that Ankara has given assurances of the safety of Russian tourists.

After the official opening of charters in the market is the volume of traffic will increase significantly. The first of the tour operators, July 1, the beginning of the Charter of the program were quick to say Anex Tour. She had to start 7 July on aircraft-related tour operator airline “KATEK-Avia” (operates under the brand name Azur Air). but due to the lack of appropriate authorization, the program had to be abandoned, and tourists who have purchased tickets for cancelled flights, to shift to alternative destinations, such as Tunisia, with accommodation on the best terms for the next date at no additional cost, says a representative Anex Tour Catherine Zheldak.

Turkish effect

Resorts cheaper

The lifting of the ban on organized tourist trips to Turkey have led to lower prices at other resorts, whose popularity since the beginning of July has decreased. As reported on July 11, the newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to the data of ATOR, for the previous six days, the fall of prices to the popular resorts amounted to 10-11%. For example, the average cost of a week tour in Tunisia, according to the Agency “<url>”, decreased by 40%, up to 30 thousand rubles.

Falling prices in the tourism industry explain the reaction to the drop in popularity of the resort destinations. As told the representative of the Russian Union of travel industry Irina Tyurina, last week the demand for Cyprus was reduced by 30%, Tunisia lost 15%, Greece 5%.

Everyone is waiting for the Charter

According to “Onlinetur percentage of requests for permits in Turkey last week has fallen from 45% to 25%. According to Tutu.ru if on 4 July, the country accounted for 36,19% of queries, at the end of last week — 18,19%.

The reason is that the ban on Charter flights to Turkey is not canceled and regular flight remains high, the average price of 50 thousand rubles under the condition of accommodation in a three star hotel. “It’s still quite expensive. The market expects that after the opening of Charter flights prices will drop at least 30%”, — said the Executive Director ATOR Maya Lomidze.

Now the beginning of a Turkish Charter for Anex Tour from Moscow postponed to July 18. If you have permission from the authorities it will be restored in full, says Zheldak. Earlier, the representative of Azur Air told that the tour operator sent a request for the organization of flights to Antalya with a frequency of seven times a week from the capital’s Domodedovo, and one to two times per week — from St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-don, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk.

In a press-service of the other large tour operator “TEZ Tour” RBC said that in General the parameters of the flight program are defined, but the final decision depends on the date of the resumption of Charter flights. It will be a daily Charter program from Moscow.

The representative Coral Travel Marina Makarkova said that if approval is received for the organization of charters, the operator is ready to deliver flights to Antalya not only from Novosibirsk but also from other Siberian cities.

The issue price

According to service “Yandex.Travel” (aggregates deals on package tours various tour operators), the cost of the tour to Turkey for 7 days in the hotel category of three stars for the all-inclusive, departing July 16 for two people starts from 86.2 per thousand. This is the cheapest tour offers a “Biblio Globus”. The minimum cost of a similar trip from “TEZ Tour” will be with 95.9 thousand. “Pegas Touristik” offers rest at the same level with departure on July 17 from 90 thousand rubles. However, since July 18, the picture changes. The cheapest offer from Anex Tour — 63,3 thousand RUB over with the expectation of the renewal of the Charter. “Biblio Globus” for a similar tour requests 78,6 thousand RUB

Ceiling sales

Interviewed by RBC tour operators say that the tours in Turkey are in high demand, and planes, the blocks of which they managed to buy, fully loaded. The depth of sales is relatively small — one to two weeks, but that the operators explain the visa-free regime in force between Russia and Turkey.

To expect a radical redistribution of tourist traffic in favor of Turkey, however, is not worth it, says Anna Podgornaya from “Pegas turistik”. According to her, tour operators will not remove the aircraft from other directions for Turkey. “Break the flight program is economically highly impractical. We paid for hotels in Tunisia, Greece, Bulgaria… they sell. Half the summer has already passed,” — explains a top-the Manager.

Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia Maya Lomidze believes that even with the early renewal of the Charter programs this year is not comparable with the past. Then, according to the Federal tourism Agency, Turkey was visited by 3.5 million tourists from Russia. In an interview with RBC owner of the company “TEZ Tour Alexander Burtin was estimated that in the summer, the high season for holidays in this country every week went about 100 thousand Russians.