The General producer “STS Media” Lika Blank will leave the company

The General producer “STS Media” the General Director of TV channel STS Love and “Home” Lika Blank will leave the company, told RBC a source close to the company, and the source in the market familiar with the Form.

The form will leave CTC Media” immediately. According to the source RBC within the company, from July 15, it will work as a counselor of General Director Vyacheslav murugova. The source also said that the position of winproducer in the holding will be abolished. The company will focus on “strengthening channels,” he says.

In “STS Media” declined to comment. The application was unavailable for comment.

The form directs CTC Love “Home” in 2014. The position of winproducer holding it takes from December 2015, according to the website “STS Media”. On television and journalism, the Form works since 1997. Until 2006, she held different positions in European and Russian media companies, in particular, REN-TV and ZDF Bureau in Russia. In 2006-2008, blank was a producer, Director procurement and business development of the channel Mini Movie in the USA, Luxembourg and Russia. From 2008 to 2010 she held the position of Executive producer and head of business development on the German channel Das Vierte, from 2010 to 2013, General producer of MTV Russia. In 2013, to work in “STS Media”, Blank advised a number of major companies in the field of creating and promoting media content,” reads the website of the holding.

At the end of may in “STS Media” has changed the CEO — is Juliana Slashhevoj, who headed the holding company since August 2013, he became a producer Vyacheslav Murugov, who previously held the posts of General Director of TV channel STS and the General producer “STS Media”. As explained itself Slascheva, the reason for the resignation was the change of owners occurred because of the prohibition of foreign shareholders to own more than 20% in the capital of the Russian media. “I left because if you spent three years working at one strategy, and external environment and change of owners dictate the need for a strategy to quickly change, then I can’t his head to change in two days, especially in a situation when I believe in their strategy,” — said Slaschova, adding that she had to do routine work instead of creative.