The audit chamber has convicted the Ministry of communications and Rostelecom overpricing

The audit chamber found violations in the work of the Ministry of communications and the company “Rostelecom” in the creation and development of e-government in 2014 and 2015. This is stated in the report of the accounting chamber, published on Monday, July 11.

The task of e — government to make public services less expensive and more efficient process, says the report of the accounting chamber. Since the beginning of this project in 2001, he had spent more than 30 billion rubles of state funds. Thanks to this money by the end of 2015, e-government was supposed to provide almost all of the Federal and about half of the regional public services through a single portal, the materials of the auditors.

However, by the end of 2013 it became clear that the “capacity” of the list of services is slower scheduled users could then get through the portal, only 3.3% of Federal government services is 98% of the planned and only 1.1% of the regional — instead of 44% of the planned. After that, the Ministry of communications adopted a new version of the state program “Information society”, in which some indicators, the Agency has replaced the other, said the chamber, without indicating what specific data is involved.

In 2014-2015, the sole executor of works on maintenance and development of e-government were “Rostelecom”. However, the operator did not perform the work, and passed from subcontractors. If part of the operation of e-government the cost of the work, who performed “Rostelecom” is 25% of the amount of state contracts, as part of the development — about 10%, according to the materials of the accounting chamber.

The auditors found evidence of overpricing of government contracts that were entered into the Ministry with Rostelecom in 2015 and 2016, according to the materials of the check. To calculate the cost of operating services, the Ministry of communications were used including the tariff method: this method utilizes the customer in case the prices are subject to state regulation or established by municipal legal acts. The services, which “Rostelecom” provided in the operation of the e-government infrastructure, state regulation not subject to, the report said.

The cost of services, tariff calculated by the method in 2015, amounted to 963,4 million rubles, in 2016 — RUB 1.2 billion. “calculation of the cost of rental of software and hardware facilities and location of hardware, the Ministry of communications made on the basis of commercial tariffs of “Rostelecom”, which already laid the corresponding rate of return. However, the Ministry has provided additional profit to the rate of Rostelecom in the amount of 10%. This has led to the overpricing of government contracts for the exploitation of e-government in 2015 and 2016 37.4 million rubles”, — States the report of the accounts chamber the Deputy Chairman of the Agency of Faith, Fine.

The representatives of “Rostelecom” and the Ministry of communications did not respond to a request RBC.