Seoul promised not to use against Russia a us missile defense system

The recent decision by South Korea and the United States to deploy on the Peninsula of the American missile defense system THAAD is part of self-defense because of growing missile threats from North Korea and is not directed against third countries, including Russia and China. It is reported Yonhap, citing the statement of foreign Minister of South Korea Yun Byung-Se.

As the Minister said, speaking in the parliamentary Committee on foreign policy, the South Korean authorities have explained to the colleagues from Russia and China that the missile defense systems are not directed against China, Russia or other third countries. He also said that Seoul has no intention to infringe on strategic interests of Moscow and Beijing in the security sphere.

Earlier the Russian foreign Ministry criticized the decision of South Korea to host the missile defense systems of the United States. In Moscow expressed concern that this will undermine the existing strategic balance in the region and beyond. Russian diplomats have warned about the threat of the emergence of new difficulties to resolve the situation on the Korean Peninsula including its denuclearization.

July 8, South Korea and the United States announced plans to start operation of the high-tech missile defense system THAAD to the end of 2017. After that, the DPRK authorities called it a “Declaration of war” from the United States and vowed to take “physical” response to missile defense system on the Peninsula.