ROC asked not to put 80-foot statue of Christ in St. Petersburg

In the Russian Orthodox Church called for “in any case” don’t install in Saint-Petersburg 80-foot statue of Jesus Christ for the work of Zurab Tsereteli. About it RIA Novosti said the Chairman of Department on interrelations of Church and society of St. Petersburg diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church Archpriest Alexander Pelin.

According to him, this statue will be detrimental to the architectural appearance of the city. In addition, the installation of the giant statues is not “part of the Orthodox tradition,” said FR. “I think that in the diocese are bad [for the installation of the monument — approx.RBC], but for the whole diocese can’t say”, he added.

The “as option”, a monument can be placed “over Kronstadt”, the island or Fort, Alexander Pelin. “To serve as a beacon”, he added.

At the same time, the head of communications of the St. Petersburg Metropolia Natalia Rodomanova said that the ROC considers the issue of building in the city of the statue “business of the secular authorities and has no plans to intervene in discussions,” reports the Telegraph. She also noted that “the installation of the giant statues is not in the tradition of Eastern Christianity”. “For the Orthodox, the monument of Christ is God’s temple,” she said.

Meanwhile, the residents of St. Petersburg began collecting signatures for a petition against the city’s 80-foot-tall statue on the website As of 14:00 Moscow time the petition was signed by 362 people.

8 July it became known that the Committee for city planning and architecture of St. Petersburg is considering to establish in the city a statue of Jesus Christ. with a height of 80 meters. A source in the press service of the Committee told “Interfax” that such an order came from the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko.

The government of the Leningrad region offered the options of placing the sculpture in the region — on the territory of the Nevsky forest Park in Vsevolozhsk area or on the Koltushi hills, reported RIA Novosti