In Portugal, crashed on takeoff military transport aircraft

The C-130 Hercules, June 2014

At least three people were killed in the crash of the transport plane With-130 Hercules from the Portuguese air force at the military base of Montijo, near Lisbon, according to the national news Agency Lusa.

According to the Portuguese TV channel TVI24, airplane, on Board of which there were seven people, tried to fly, but caught fire during the crackdown.

In the crash three members of the crew of the C-130 were killed and another is in serious condition, at present they are engaged specialists of the National Institute of emergency medical services. The status of the other victims is still unknown.

At the air base of Montijo are based the three squadron of transport aircraft of the Portuguese air force, and a squadron of helicopters of the naval forces and search-and-rescue aircraft. As reported on the website of the Portuguese air force, C-130H is armed with 501 squadron with the nickname “Buffalo.”